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Olive oil and nails

Have you guys tried soaking your nails in olive oil for five minutes or just massaging them with olive oil? I swear this is so good. It makes the nails shiny and strong. My kids were having brittle nails, and... (Continue reading)

Things mommies learn – Mystery stink detective work

My pristine car is no longer clean – ever since the kids, but now it had the most horrible of smells. I drove in it all morning as I was in a rush and did not have time to search.... (Continue reading)

Take-out or eat out Wednesdays

So a friend of mine hooked me on to this idea which has been working great so far. It goes like this – fix a day in the week for eating out or take out and stick to the day.... (Continue reading)

Ten minute facial

Try this is you are short of time – take some full fat or reduced fat yogurt, and a pinch or two of turmeric. Put on your face and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Then wash off or tissue... (Continue reading)

Shiny Hair, Italian Style?

Well, I dont know Italian style or not but uses Olive Oil. This always works for me and my sisters for shiny hair. Thought I would share it with you all, let me know how it goes. Take Olive Oil... (Continue reading)

Stay at home mom lessons

So one of my friends mentioned that she likes to put her child in daycare as she feels the child is missing out on so many lessons about life. Her child is three, and mine is still at home, so... (Continue reading)

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