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The Immigrant Diaries – A Story – Edition 1


Friends, this is a work of fiction. All the characters are imaginary and it is based on coming to the US on the as an immigrant, and then not working, and making life work for you. Please feel free to... (Continue reading)

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Whatever happened to Enid Blyton?


As a girl, I lived on Enid Blyton. Famous Five. The five find-outers. Secret Seven. The … of adventure series. Even dear old Noddy. The sausages and eggs for breakfast (where I never got to eat sausages). The potted meat... (Continue reading)

Dora and beyond blue eyes

You know, I love Dora. Dora the Explorer, I mean. She is hispanic, dark haired, cute, adventurous. Thank God for her, I think sometimes. I grew up in India as you can tell from my articles on H4 Visa and... (Continue reading)

The Gift Question

So I have been writing about life as an immigrant and life on the H4 visa when you are looking for a job. And I think this is a question which afflicts both these categories at some point when planning... (Continue reading)

Waiting for Godot, err…Green Card

I write on living in the US on H4, mostly. And as I was speaking to friends, it became clear, that the single biggest cloud looming over an H4 ers mind is the question – when will I get my... (Continue reading)

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Five things I did not know about the US when I got here on the H4 visa

 I think when we get a proposal from someone working in the US or your spouse (as in my case) moves to the US, there is quite a bit of excitement about visiting a new country, seeing Amriki things and... (Continue reading)

Networking when on the H4 visa, or when just at home

 In one of my previous posts on how to boost your career when on an H4 visa, I talked about using the time to build your network. But I know very well, through my own inexperience at it when I... (Continue reading)

The H4 Diaries – Four things to do when you are tired of ‘Law and Order’

When I got here, I loved the show. I would watch endless reruns from 1:00 pm till I dozed off, and then sometimes when I woke up. But here are things I wished I had done or I did or... (Continue reading)

The H4 Diaries – Five signs you are a true H4er

Before anyone asks – the H4 visa is a spouse visa, for the spouses of people coming to the US on H1B, the skilled worker visa. The H4 visa allows you to stay here but not work or be employed... (Continue reading)

Gone with the wind

This doesnt flow with anything I write about, but on a cleaning mission today, I found my old copy of ‘Gone with the wind’. How I loved that book when I first read it. I was quite young, maybe 12... (Continue reading)

$4.29 Double Shot Gingerbread Latte Therapy


Did I tell you I love making resolutions? There is something about being able to forget the past year, or at least, feel that its done. Gone. A transition has occured. I am in a new place, where I can... (Continue reading)

The interview I blew while on H4 visa

Well, I had just begun looking for work on while still on H4 visa. Looking formally, that is, beyond the ‘office and friends of my husband’ route. BTW, in my opinion, that is one of the most effective routes, but... (Continue reading)

Makeup – a take on liberation

‘Who do you think is more liberated me with my head scarf or the ladies on Wall Street with 10 products covering their faces?’ Nousheen’s eyes were bright and passionate as she dug into her chicken tikka masala. ‘At least... (Continue reading)

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Good Books for 2-4 year olds beyond the usual stuff

Here are some of the books we have been reading and we love them. We got them from the library and some of them seem popular based on Amazon reviews, but some seem relatively rare. I would love advice on... (Continue reading)

Much ado about Hiccups

My friend from Mexico told me that there they have the cutest tradition for stopping hiccups in babies – you put a red thread on their foreheads! And it works. When I was a kid, my mom would try to... (Continue reading)

The first job interview here in the States

I am no job interview expert. I wont call this the best advice or professional advice, but I thought I would share what I learnt here by going through interviews myself and interviewing others. Dress American. I dont mean just wearing Western Clothes.... (Continue reading)

Five things that surprized me about jobs in America

OK, I spelt the suprized with a z on purpose 🙂 You know, I had worked in India in a pretty International Company, so I was used to working with people from round the world. Yet when I joined work... (Continue reading)

Funniest questions I was asked in office about India

How do you like sleeping in beds here (apparently we all sleep on floors in India) Do kids run around naked at homes without diapers Do you know my friend Amit who is also an Indian (no, there are about... (Continue reading)

Five things to boost your career when on the H4 visa

So we have all been there. The excitement and apprehension of moving to the US with our spouse, but learning soon after that we can not ‘work’ in the US as we are on the ‘H4 Visa’. The H4 ladies span... (Continue reading)

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