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Online Banking rules

Where do you keep your extra cash? I was keeping my money in a checking account, of course. Turns out I didn’t know that I was losing money by doing so. How so? BoA was¬†giving me no interest on the... (Continue reading)

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CompUSA store closing

Thought I would tell fellow bloggermoms that CompUSA is closing all its stores across the US. There may be some good deals in the coming few weeks. Especially TVs, Digital Cameras, storage media. ¬†Which begets the question — do I... (Continue reading)

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no facials here. just money talk.

Happy New Year babes! What is your favorite resolution for 2008? Mine is to understand money. If Harvard MBAs earning millions every month can lose billions every year then it is got to be complex and confusing, correct? For Year... (Continue reading)

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