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Complex Feelings

The other day my four year old daughter hit her younger brother with the shower head. I was pretty scared but thankfully he was ok. Next day while I was driving her to the school she started a conversation as... (Continue reading)

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Mama’s Day out!


It was the perfect day to be with my loved son. I took a day off and decided to give him 100% attention. Since he is the second one I always tend to have guilt feeling that he never gets... (Continue reading)

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On the road…

The long waited San Diego trip was getting closer. It was our first road trip with recently potty trained toddled & our infant of 6 months. I knew from the beginning that it will be bit adventurous yet fun filled... (Continue reading)

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Relaxing Dinner with Kids(?)

We decided to have a relaxing dinner in the middle of the week to surprise ourselves. Something to get out of the routine so that we can keep going through the week. We arrived at the restaurant on time without... (Continue reading)

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Ruffle of Motherhood!


These days having sound sleep at night seems like a mirage to me- something illusory and unattainable. Considering I have a 4 month old, I never imagined that I would get more then 2 at the maximum of 3 hours... (Continue reading)

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Fighting Guilt

Guilt, guilt and guilt! I have even come to the conclusion that guilt is the part of motherhood. Ever since I got pregnant with my first daughter I have experienced this one emotion very strongly. During my first pregnancy I... (Continue reading)

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Night-time Drama


I was laughing at myself in the middle of the night. Here I was cramped between my daughter and our baby and I remembered a while ago I thought we are just blessed with a miracle of children who just... (Continue reading)

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a Mother’s Day! My husband got me a customized t-shirt which says “This Mamma belongs to..” & then my children’s names. That was really sweet of him; considering his history of forgetting gift part from other important occasions... (Continue reading)

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Moving into her room…


Today is December 16th 2009! Yesterday night Aarohi slept in her room all be herself. It is just heart melting. Till yesterday she needed to hold onto my hair to fall asleep. Of course yesterday as well it was the... (Continue reading)

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I am in the dilemma of decidng to forgive or not to forgive and what does the word “frogive” mean atcually? Dictory would say “Stop blaming or grant forgiveness” Whereas the recent article ( ) that i read says... (Continue reading)

Mushroom Rice

Ingredients:- Rice Mushrooms Corn kernels Onion Bell pepper – preferably mix of yellow,red and green Salt/pepper/Cumin seeds Oil Water Procedure:- Wash rice and keep aside. Cut up mushrroms, onions and bell peppers in small pieces. In a pan heat up... (Continue reading)

Daddy’s girl

Every evening I make tea and we seat around the table. While I & hubby are enjoying tea Aarohi my daughter enjoys her sippy with glucose biscuit. On last Sunday hubby went for groceries while Aarohi and I were enjoying... (Continue reading)

Nutritious Indian Meal for toddler

Mixed Veggie Thepla with Daal Mixed Veggies Thepla:- Use any veggies combination like methi/spinach/carrots with mint/potato. Grate this vegetable along with ginger and garlic. Mix turmeric,salt to the grated vegetable. Mix in whole wheat flour (alternatively you can make with... (Continue reading)

“Good” Monday Morning!

It’s the typical Monday morning and the alarm rings at 5.00 a.m. for me. Yesterday night as well my baby couldn’t sleep through out the night. But yesterday she had the valid excuse- teething (i’m hoping so…) Whenever she doesn’t... (Continue reading)