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Last Day Dispatch from Summer Camp

So today was the last day of summer camp. It ended with an art show with the kids displaying their artwork and with some refreshments to boot. It was amazing to see what the kids had done – but more... (Continue reading)

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Toddler and Preschooler Snack Ideas

Summer camp got me thinking. What will I do when I have to plan a packed snack and lunch every day? Ok, so I gave him Goldfish (whole grain) the first day and alphabet crackers and grapes the next –... (Continue reading)

First Summer Camp

Day 1   I never had summer camp while growing up. Summers would mean staying at home and doing holiday homework. And of course, NOT doing holiday homework and visiting cousins and maybe a trip to Darjeeling or Puri. But... (Continue reading)

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A splash party with a touch of tech

And I though cross Atlantic Birthday parties were only for the rich and famous!! This weekend we celebrated our sons birthday. We decided to make it a ‘splash’ party for all his two and three year old friends as its been really... (Continue reading)

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Dad in Question: Winfried


Name:  Winfried Occupations: Network Admin Kids: 2 daughters: Ileana 17, Ashley 13 Born and brought up:  Maracaibo, Venezuela, Countries lived in:  Venezuela, Germany, UK and US Cultures that influence my life: Latin American , European (Germany/Spain)   What were some... (Continue reading)

The Big Debate – Going Home?

Last time I talked about teaching a second language in big debates facing me and some other moms I know who are establishing themselves in a new country. This time I thought I will write about the big question that... (Continue reading)

Ratha Yatra Festival – the festivals of chariots

You know as a kid I used to love Ratha yatra. Back in Calcutta, sorry Kolkata we would each have our own special ‘raths’ or special multistoreyed chariots. We would occasionally get a new one but it would usually last... (Continue reading)

Sex and the city – the Movie Review

So I went out with a friend to catch the SATC movie last night. I had been waiting to see it ever since it was released and after reading Lisa’s post here. Becuase it was a Thursday night and one... (Continue reading)

Too tired to blog

About anything sensible. My husband has been working all weekend and even though I am in my second trim, being on toddler duty without a break for the last week or so has got me exhausted. Do you all go... (Continue reading)

The Big Debate – When to begin a second language

A few days ago I spoke to an old friend of mine.  He has a three year old, about 9 months older than the babe. And it was amazing how we had some of the same ‘Big Issues’ or concerns... (Continue reading)

Best public schools in the US

Hey everyone, just found this on newsweek. You may find this interesting, they have a ranking of best public schools in US. Of course, it changes from year to year…  ... (Continue reading)

Roast Chicken Recipe – Sorry to be so late, anonymous!

So here I am finally with the recipe. You will need: 4 Chicken Breasts Balsamic Vinegar or if you dont like that, regular vinegar about 2 -3 tbs Garlic Clovers, minced – 4 or 4 teaspoons store bought minced garlic... (Continue reading)

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Happy Mothers Day!

To everyone!... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question: Priya


Hey guys, I thought it would be interesting to interview and post featured readers and writers of this site on this column. So I are starting with Priya Name: Priya Occupations: IT, Real Estate Agent, CFO of a small business,blogger Kids:... (Continue reading)

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Disneyworld part 2 – Packing and Magic Kingdom

So as I said, I wanted to continue all about what I learnt at my time in Disney world about visiting the parks with a two year old or a toddler. Now, before I left, I thought that I would... (Continue reading)

Disneyworld with a toddler – Had a magical time!


I know, I know, it’s so cliched! But I did have a wonderful, magical time. Some people had mentioned that maybe we should wait till the babe is older as he will never remember this visit. But somehow, the visit... (Continue reading)

International Travel with Toddlers – The plane ride

After my recent India trip and spending nearly 24 hrs each way with a two year old in various planes and airports, here is what worked and I think is important to remember. Packing a special kiddie hand luggage bag... (Continue reading)

For earth day – Trash cans big and small

One thing I had completely forgotten about my mom’s house – how small her trash can is. I live in suburbia, so have the usual 13 gallon trash can which fills up many times a week, even daily sometimes. But... (Continue reading)

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Five surprising things I missed about US in India

I missed being able to drive fast, and have the cars moving. I know! I live in Atlanta, but still, this was an issue. Delhi just has too many cars now, and the roads, though improving have not caught up... (Continue reading)

The girls I knew long ago

Here in the US, there are just not enough people from my school in my city to have proper reunions. One or two friends, to meet and chat and thats about it. But while I was headed to Kolkata this... (Continue reading)

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