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Dispatches from India – Calcutta once more

So I have not been to Calcutta for 7 years. 7 years away from the city marked as my hometown on my passport. And many more years since I have actually lived there. I moved away when I was maybe... (Continue reading)

Choosing the right daycare or creche, part 1

So have you spend time looking for day cares or creches?  One of my friends is going through the process right now, and as I was talking about it with her, I thought recounting the process might be of help... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – A trip to magical, mystical Benares

I have been writing about traveling to India with a toddler, but this one is more just about our trip to Benares. We went over the long weekend, flew out on Kingfisher (a fabulous airline, with good food and air... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – Elephant ride in Jaipur

So I have been writing about traveling to India with a toddler, and let me tell you if you are in the North, this is an absolute must do. We drove to Jaipur ( a four hour, quite comfortable drive)... (Continue reading)

Surajkund Mela – a day full of fun and color

So I have been writing about traveling to India with a toddler and today was one of our most fun filled days. Quite early, before the crowds came we made our way over to the Surajkund Mela. Its an annual... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – What to expect when you look like you are expecting

 …but are actually not….  So I had written about how a runaway appetite has left me with a protruding belly. Add to that the fact that I have a two year old running around, and just the hint of a... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – Expected sickness, unexpected misery!

So I have been writing here on bloggermoms on my trip to India with my two year old. The Babe is sick. I had kind of expected that will happen. Its his first time in India, and I am afraid... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Visiting India (or any new country or place)

Long back I had made a post about stay at home mom lessons – I felt my child was missing out on learning things in play school, so I started listing out a few ‘lessons’ I would do with the... (Continue reading)

What no one ever told me about weaning

 Today I went to a doc I have trusted my life and was told I was 18 lbs overweight. I had kid of suspected it, specially since I get a lot of ‘Congrats on being pregnant again’ based on my... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – That old me, did I lose her in the streets of Delhi?

 I have been writing about traveling to India with a toddler for the first time, but this post is about me. Yesterday my parents, the babe and I went driving through Green Park, and Hauz Khas, and IIT. We went... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – Lagging on jetlag

  Ok, so this is my second post about traveling to India with a toddler or baby for the first time. It’s been lovely to be home as you can imagine. We reached home only around 4 the first day,... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – the adventures of traveling to India for the first time with a toddler


Hey, I am back and I am in India. The babe and I reached safely. And happily. I had been nervous about traveling alone a two year old for a journey spanning 26hrs, but hey, I think we did well.... (Continue reading)

Lohri Festival – Happy Lohri to all!

Happy Lohri! Lohri is a festival celebrated in the North of India, which celebrates the harvesting of rabi crops ( or fall/winter crops) in India. This time Lohri is on the 13th, which is Sunday. I started celebrating Lohri once... (Continue reading)

More Indian Baby and Toddler Food Recipes – A complete meal

Since this post got quite a few views, I am adding some more. My earlier post was on Indian and vegetarian baby and toddler food recipes. This one is in the same theme – Indian baby and toddler food, but... (Continue reading)

The Indian kid in the ring

The babe and I go to some Mommy and me classes. We usually have a blast. I dont know who loves it more, the babe or me. Today the babe walked away from me into the ring. A group of... (Continue reading)

Yoga for babies and toddlers

Do any of you do yoga with your kids? For about a year before I became pregnant, I had started yoga. There was a gym in my office, and every Wednesday I would make my way down there for an... (Continue reading)

Feline Hypothyroidism is a very complex disorder

You may have heard people commonly say things such as ‘Cats are so simple. All you need to do is leave them food, water, and a litter box”. For the most part, yes with a healthy cat that would be... (Continue reading)

First day of back to office

Yesterday was the first day of the year that my husband went to work. For the first time in many years, it was not my first day back at work. And there is no first day in sight this year... (Continue reading)

Some Indian and Vegetarian Baby Food Recipes

I used to be confused as to what Indain baby food I can for my babe. Indian baby food in my opinion would introduce him to a different taste that he was getting from gerber. And for those looking for... (Continue reading)

The first time in public…(nursing, I mean)

Before I had a baby, I was very shy to expose even generally acceptable anatomy in public. I was generally a conservative dresser. If one time I bought a shirt or blouse which displayed a remotely plunging neckline, I wore... (Continue reading)

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