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Happy New Year, Bloggermoms!

Happy new year to all you bloggermoms! I hope the year brings many joys, adventures and your wishes come true. I know I should write more, but I wanted to make one post just with the wishes for all of... (Continue reading)

Nursing Strike and Baby Negotiations

So around four and a half months or maybe just four,  the babe decided to go on a nursing strike. When I rushed back from work, ready to nurse him, he would greet me with the biggest smile but any... (Continue reading)

How I became an accidental lactivist

Well, actually, I breastfed my son for 18 months. And the reasons for me were not the ‘My son will be healthiest this way’ or ‘formula is a curse second to none’. I had been mostly formula fed and thought... (Continue reading)

Consultants, consultants even a lactation consultant

So back in your home country, have you ever heard of a lactation consultant? I had not. When I heard the term, it seemed to me to be an overkill. One more American way of complicating life and earning money.... (Continue reading)

A quick face mask

Hey, I tried this last week and it had great results. Take some almond paste (I had some leftover from making Almond Chicken). Mix in a little bit milk. Apply to your face and keep it for five to ten... (Continue reading)

Some hilarious Santa and kids pics on CNN (Continue reading)

New year resolutions, whats yours?

Well, I have not finalized my list yet, but here is what mine looks like : 1. Lose 25 lbs ( I do this every year, the resolution, I mean) 2. Visit three foreign countries or exotic locations ( I... (Continue reading)

Could you end your meeting, I need to pump?

I worked in a small company. And when I went back to work, I was confronted with giving up breastfeeding or using the great American and maybe European invention of a breast pump. I chose the later, because I thought... (Continue reading)

Teaching your toddler in the lonely ‘burbs

So I have been on this mission lately to start doing educational yet fun things with my son at home. I admit I would never have thought of doing this in India. Life is too full of action there, and... (Continue reading)

Walruses and other stories

Anyone out there an expert on Walruses? The babe has developed a sudden fascination for Walruses spurred by a book he read on a Walrus rescuing a baby polar bear from a trap. So now, very often during the day, he... (Continue reading)

The babe and time out

OK, so to me time out is an American invention. I have read wonderful things about it in books. We did not have time outs in our house in Calcutta growing up. But I do remember being made to stand... (Continue reading)

Easy Salmon Bake

I like simple recipes that can get done in a snap on weekdays. Here’s a salmon I tried which turned our pretty good. And it was so simple and low fat. You will need: Salmon (1 piece, skin on or... (Continue reading)

Planning an India trip with a two year old

Ok, so the babe and I will be going to India. He is two now, so we pay full fare! This will be our first time going together. Here is my list of what I am taking (since the babe... (Continue reading)

Opting in

Have you heard of the phenomenon of opting out? I think it became popular in the books ‘Opting out – Why women really quit careers and head home’ by Pamela Stone and ‘On ramps and Off ramps’. Recently I have decided to... (Continue reading)

The babe and Santa

Last weekend, we thought we would check out the post Thanksgiving holiday rush. The fact that we wanted to do that still reminds me that I am a visitor here, looking at life events as a tourist of sorts. The... (Continue reading)

Bronchitis symptoms

Chronic Bronchitis – Symptoms, Causes & Treatments What Is Chronic Bronchitis? Simply put, chronic bronchitis is a severe inflammation in the lungs. This can lead to a variety of symptomatic signs, but the most notorious symptom of bronchitis is the... (Continue reading)

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