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Lactose Intolerant Kids School Lunch Ideas


Lactose intolerance in kids? Here are some school lunch ideas for lactose intolerant kids that might work. Of course, you should check with your doctor to make sure these are OK for your kids. LUNCH IDEAS FOR LACTOSE INTOLERANT KIDS... (Continue reading)

Lost and Found


Growing up, we were taught that when confronted with grief or trouble, ‘lose’ yourself – in work, in prayers, in your kids. This philosophy was served with dal and roti from moms and aunties, told and retold in stories and text books... (Continue reading)

Earrings for little girls without getting ears pierced


Want to dress up your girls in preety ear rings but afraid to get their ears pierced? Apparently bindis work great as colorful, often shiny earrings, and come with no pain. Learnt this tip from a friend – Bindisare in... (Continue reading)



We went out of town all weekend and when we got back, I suddenly realized that homework was due….(shame on me, lazy mommy :)) The babe is in kindergarten and though we dont officially get homework, we are begining to... (Continue reading)

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Baby Carrots


I think it was Beverly Hills 90210 where I heard the term ‘cutie pie’ used first. I did not particularly like the pie tail to that phrase. A pie did not look very fascinating, and certainly was not something I craved at... (Continue reading)

Eat, Pray, Love and Ignore


Eat, Pray, Love –  The movie. Though I was waiting for a movie starring Julia Roberts, I have been feeling absolutely no urge to watch Eat, Pray, Love. First, the hysteria seemed over the top. Second, it seems like the story... (Continue reading)

Aromatherapy and Kleenex?


I was at a cousins house this weekend and every room smelt wonderful. Inviting and lovely. Turns out, the smell was from Eucalyptus oil which they had procured on a recent trip to India. But the trick? Take a few... (Continue reading)

Cats at work


So my office is pretty casual. Shorts, T-shirts, even a flip flop or two. Track pants. I love that. So even though I am in office, I can still wear casual clothes and have not yet had to really update... (Continue reading)

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Symptoms of hyperthyroidism in men

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism in men, also known as an overactive thyroid gland, should not ignored or untreated. Hyperthyroidism occurs when a thyroid produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Basically, it works too hard. There are other factors that... (Continue reading)

Preschool Summer Reading – A house is a house for me


Preschool reading suggestions for the summer? All summer, we will be listing out books we are loving. Do suggest some that you are liking. We would love to hear from your summer reading experience with your preschooler. A House Is... (Continue reading)

Rooibos Lemonade and a cool and refreshing chat


Summer drinks top my ordering list now. Even when I am out at cafes, I am ditching my much beloved coffee for some cool, light refreshing options.Out with friends this Friday night, I ended up ordering the ‘Rooibos Lemonade’ from... (Continue reading)

Preschool Summer Reading – Abuela


Abuela  by Arthur Dorros is a delightful boook about a girl and her grandma and how they go on a flying adventure around the city. The book has beautiful multicultural paintings. The illustrations are richly detailed and you can spend... (Continue reading)

Kids Summer Reading Ideas


As happens each summer, the babe and I are on a reading spree. I love going to the library and choosing books, but finding ones we love are sometimes difficult. So I thought I will share a few times a... (Continue reading)

Ideas for Long Summer Afternoons with Kids


Check out this post for some good ideas on what to do on long summer afternoons with kids, right when nap gets over, and dinner seems far away, and its too hot to go out. Please let us know what... (Continue reading)

Less Toxic Cleaning Options for Tubs, Sinks and Tiles


Tired of all the toxins that come with bleach and the various strong home cleaners? Heard this from a friend – try dishwashing liquid (buy the cheapest option in bulk) for tubs, tiles, sinks for a less toxic option.... (Continue reading)

Summer Trips with Kids


 If you are thinking of going for a long drive with kids this summer, check out our post which has great tips on driving long distances with kids in tow. What have your experiences been so far? Do share your... (Continue reading)

Ideas for long summer afternoons

Summer days are long. And when the kids are out of school, it may sometime seem a bit too long. Here’s a list of things I like to do with my son as a quick list in case any of... (Continue reading)

Summer Event – Long Car Trips with Kids

Planning to drive long distances with kids this summer? I just got back from a long road trip to Disney with my three year old and my six month old. So I thought might be useful to write about traveling... (Continue reading)

Celebrating USA


So the economy is down in the doldrums, still. The miracles we expected when Obama was elected President, did not quite happen. At least not yet. There is an oil spill in the gulf. Unemployment is high. Houses in our... (Continue reading)

The Mommy Connection

About five years ago, I became a mom. I know people say that you become a mom once you are pregnant, and I did everything I could to take care of my baby when he was inside me, but I... (Continue reading)

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