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Yeh – Shen : A Chinese Cinderella Story


Did you know that Cinderella was from China? The babe’s school does a great job of sending him story books from all around the world, and this week, i got the book Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China. When I... (Continue reading)

What I got when I was scared of driving accidentally into a ditch or pond or lake


Do you remember there was a big bridge collapse a few years back and there were stories of cars and vans driving into the water and people and kids unable to get out? I am somehow terrified of that scenario.... (Continue reading)

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Good books for kids in preschool and kindergarden


I am part of a book club now which I love. One of the best things about it is that it forces me to read, and also I get to read books I would never have bought myself. I find... (Continue reading)

Colon cancer in men occurs

Colon cancer in men occurs as a result of normal cells transforming to abnormal ones. In a perfect world the right side of the colon absorbs water, sodium and soluble wastes and the left side of the colon extracts the... (Continue reading)

Being Brothers


When they became brothers, my sons were brothers in name and blood. To the babe, the little baby who waved, kicked, cried, ate, slept, needed several diaper changes and a huge dose of parental offection was a new, fascinating and... (Continue reading)

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3 Idiots Moview Review


With my parents in town, my husband and I went out to see 3 idiots. Since we are both engineers, I thought it would be all the more appropriate. So let me try to write what I think is my... (Continue reading)

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Donating for Haiti


Hi everyone. By now you would have got your hearts and minds full of the tragic images for Haiti. In case someone is thinking of donating, all wireless carriers are offering an option – You can donate $10 by simply texting... (Continue reading)

Nanny Apprehensions


I was at the bank today, waiting in line. The bank has a short ledge about 5 inches below the tellers table for the card swiping machine and for customers to keep their bags or papers on, or fill out... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Water Rings


I learnt this one recently. Do you have water rings left on your wooden furniture after your holiday party? Just cover the rings with full fat mayo, rubbing it in, leave on overnight, then wipe off in the morning. It takes... (Continue reading)

Old year resolutions


2009 was not a slow year. It was not even a bad year. But somehow I am glad that its over. Maybe it was the economy. Maybe it was because I dont like the piles of disorganized stuff in my... (Continue reading)

The first visit to the OB Gyn in the US


So you think you are pregnant? Or thinking of becoming pregnant? If you are new to the country, one of the first steps would be to find an OB Gynaecologist. Once you have found one, you may be a bit... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – Holiday Party Idea


A couple of years ago I threw a holiday party at our house, and in spite of all the arrangements, one of my Russian friends said something was missing – the ‘smell’ of the holidays. So he suggested using clementines/... (Continue reading)

Tap. Tap. Click. Click.


It used to be that I could come to the computer and I had all these things to share. But for the last so many days I have been having a dry streak. I have nothing to say. I cant... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip Off – Recycling Coffee Grounds


Did you know coffee grounds make a great fertilizer? Just dump them in the lawn or dig in around your potted plants. Just another way to get more mileage from your daily cup. Wonder if decaf works too. I am... (Continue reading)



Our green, hilly city is decked up. Red, orange, yellow, brown. And the green of summers past, lingering on like intimate guests after a party. This is by far the best week this fall. Atlanta is in the South of... (Continue reading)

Welcome, Didu


Its been a long time since I last wrote about my baby. I think I even missed writing about his first birthday. The thing is, my day is so full of his little antics and mega cuteness that when I... (Continue reading)

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Celebrating Diwali at work

Hi everyone. Diwali is next week! Do you think Diwali celebration is becoming more mainstream here? Do you celebrate Diwali at home and in your community only or do you take your traditions to office and school? When I was working I... (Continue reading)

Being a mother is the neccessity for Invention?

Have you ever thought how being a mom has made you a creative improviser? It certainly has made me one. Last week I had an important meeting. On the way there, I had to drop off my son at school.... (Continue reading)

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Durga Puja Wishes


Durga Puja Today, Durga Puja starts. Kolkata is decked and ready for the excitement filled five days ahead. And in the rest of the world we celebrate as well. Peace and prosperity to all! I got my sons their puja... (Continue reading)

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Celebrating a tumultous, enchanting year

My little one is going to turn one. I sat down to write about him and his sweet little ways and me and my travels and travails, but all I want to write about is you. This last year my... (Continue reading)

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