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Think you are pregnant?

This is the second in our post of life being pregnant in the US if you are from India or a foreign country. This one is on Pregnancy Symptoms. Think you are pregnant? How exciting! Did you buy the home pregnancy... (Continue reading)

Flu, Swine Flu, Colds and other headaches

Like most other moms I know, I have been struggling with how to look at swine flu. First there was all the media coverage of last spring. Their was hysteria, including notes in our room when we checked in to... (Continue reading)

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The Objects of my Affection

Out and about I see babies with their ‘attachment objects’ – blankie’s galore, sometimes a soft toy such as a nice fluffy bear or a silky blue bunny with a satin bow. These meet with my general approval. Though my... (Continue reading)

Moms as Advocates

We often hear that moms are a childs best advocate. And strongest partner. But we forget. We doubt ourselves. Surrounded by experts (lactation consultants, pediatricians, super market checkout lady, friends, neighbors, teachers and family) I feel I may be wrong. Maybe we should... (Continue reading)

Back to School – Some additional tips

Susana had some additional tips to offer for new parents, which I included in a new post as you may have already read the post I made yesterday on Back to School Tips from a Veteran Teacher. Some examples of... (Continue reading)

Back to School Tips from a Veteran Teacher

So its that time of the year again – Back to school. For those of us who are not from the US, back to school or especially starting school for the first time can be a but daunting.  Whereas we... (Continue reading)

First Words

The baby said his first word ! And no, its not Mommy – though she has been saying that word to him a million times a day, inserting it into every conceivable conversation gap . (This is Mommy. Now Mommy... (Continue reading)

The Entourage

Thoroughly enjoying my stroll through our neighborhood this morning, I suddenly realized that I was not alone. This should have been obvious to me but it was a beautiful morning, the breeze was cool, the sky sky blue, and every... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip off – Using Pre-natal class logic in real life


I learnt this in pre-natal class, and it really helps me destress on the go. Isnt that funny, destress on the go? Anyway, while stuck in traffic, bumper to bumper, turn down the radio, or switch to calming music and... (Continue reading)

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When my older son was two, we got a ‘o-your-son-is-so-cute’ from the next table. But the lady, with long, curly, untamed dirty golden tresses and a long skirt followed it up by ‘Do you know what he was in his... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip-off – Wipes Forever

Taking care of my first boy introduced me to baby wipes. Soon I started carrying a packet in my purse (just take some out of the bulk packet and put it in a ziploc to save space). It became a... (Continue reading)

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Picture perfect……for a moment

I have been enjoying lying down and nursing the baby even during the day. This has started after my computer has collapsed again, and I can no longer use the ‘My Brest Friend’ nursing pillow which hitherto held baby like... (Continue reading)

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Home Inspection

Ahem. So I am having a thorough home inspection. The baby is crawling, which means that I spent a significant portion of my day crawling after him picking up tufts of dirt, dead bugs and all kinds of choking and... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Storing Leftover Birthday Cake

My friend Naveena taught me this last year and it worked very well. Take the cake or ice cream cake, frosting included, slice it and wrap each slice in clingwrap. Or you can put each slice on a paper plate... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Small Treats

As a stay at home mom juggling kids and finances, I dont get very much time to treat myself to something which takes a long time or more money. So I decided to go in for ‘small treats’ and its... (Continue reading)

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Table (Eaves) Dropping

Have you done Table (Eaves) dropping? That is, listen to the conversation at the next table at a restaurant? So we finally went out to eat at a really nice restaurant yesterday. My husband has been working really hard, night... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – Eye makeup touchups

Carry a couple of Qtips in your bag, and use them to gently remove any eye makeup messes that indavertently happen by you rubbing your sleepy eyes or other such mishaps. You can wet one side of the Qtip to... (Continue reading)

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Exercising – Its the thought that counts

Sunday: 11 pm: Mom sees a pre-mom picture of herself and decides her stretched tummy muscles demand regular exercise. Sets alarm for 5: 00 am Monday: 5:00 am: Alarm rings, mom awakens, almost feeling her stomach muscles shrink as she... (Continue reading)

Birthday Party, Bollywood Style

My friend has some of the most creative party ideas I have seen ( I was going to use ‘funnest’ even though I dont have a tween but my collapsing command over Queens English is another story). Last year she... (Continue reading)

Summer Event – Activities for Kids – Artwork

Sometime back, we had interviewed Linda Travers as our Woman in Question. Linda is an art teacher and an entrepreneur who runs the very successful Abrakadoodle art franchise in Atlanta. She has extensive experience in working with kids around art. Here... (Continue reading)

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