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Preschool Personalities

I went to attend the Valentines party at the babe’s preschool on Friday. An usual affair with treats, pizza rolls, nuggets and kid made valentine stuff. Only a couple of the moms were present. When the kids (3 to 4... (Continue reading)

My dates with romance

I loved that this week we are talking about love and friendship. Following on Malini and Tana’s posts and Yasmin and Malini’s posts on adding romance back, I wanted to talk about love. I met my husband when he was... (Continue reading)

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Mom in Question – Sarmila


Name: Sarmila Profession: Dietitian/Nutritionist Kid (s): Two Boys Born and brought up in: Kolkata, India Currently based in: Chicago, IL Countries lived in: India & US Cultures in my life: Totally Indian cultures in my life as well as in... (Continue reading)

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Roll, baby Roll, Rock and Roll

A few days back the little one executed his first roll over turning himself from tummy to back. Drum rolls, please! So last time around, I missed most of the milestones of my baby’s babyhood. Those ‘firsts’ which compare in... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Monika


  Profession: IT Kids:  Tisha (7) , krish (3) Born and brought up in: India Currently base in: India Countries lived in: USA, India Cultures in my life: Indian, American     What did you find most interesting about living and... (Continue reading)

Three funny stories of our Techie Gen Z kids

So ever since I thought I would write on this topic, I have been asking people I meet about stories about their kids – the techie Gen Zs who are growing up breathing technology. And today I thought I will... (Continue reading)

Rearing Tech Savvy Gen Z

My friend Shanta, when she saw the site, suggested that this would be a great topic to highlight. And I think it is a great idea. Because our kids are growing up immersed in technology. It so permeates their lives... (Continue reading)

The red spangled mirror case

I have a lovely dark lavender suede winter purse I love. Its big, and rectangular with two dark lavender leather handles and faux lavender fur trimmimgs.  Inside there is a zipped pouch and three roomy compartments. I bought it when... (Continue reading)

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On being Supermom

See that woman in the mirror? Is it a girl, is it a woman – no its SUPERMOM! I could not resist that. Last night I was feeding the little one, doing none of the productive ideas I wrote about... (Continue reading)

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Top five things to do while you are nursing

So now that I have been nursing for three months, and the nursing stretches are getting longer instead of shorter, I keep thinking of things that can be done with one hand and with baby attached to you. Of course,... (Continue reading)

Introducing……a new and improved….me

Have you noticed how routinely marketing companies mark ‘New and Improved’ on packaging? I guess toothpaste marketers are the worst offenders. I spend a few seconds usually trying to figure out whats really new, though by now I know its... (Continue reading)

Santa Tracker – Check out this link

In this day and age, can Santa get by undetected? Sure enough he has been spotted all over the world! Track him at: And if you click on the videos you can see him in action! Merry Christmas everyone!... (Continue reading)

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Back to class

Since the little one was born, I have been avoiding taking the babe to the various ‘mommy and me’ classes’. It was still difficult to adjust the feeding schedule, and however I may dream of being one, I am not... (Continue reading)

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Weighty Issues

Ok, so bear with me please. Is this Too Much Information? Let me know… I am some 10 weeks into post partum and have decided I need to pay some attention to losing weight and then tightening up.  And since... (Continue reading)

Images from the last few days

All this holiday, I followed the coverage of the Mumbai blasts with indignation, anger, intense sadness and then pride in the bravery of the soldiers. When the RAF and the commandoes went in I was reassured – here in the US, I had... (Continue reading)

The Ulto Day


The babe and I have decided to have a ‘Ulto’ day. In Bangla, Ulto means topsy turvy or upside down. I dont know who came up with the idea – it was probably when we were chatting about how life has... (Continue reading)

Life in Pandemonium….and then wash hands

So it began easily enough. I was able to distract the babe enough so that I could get the little one latched on and starting to nurse. I even got the babe to get a toy from his playroom downstairs... (Continue reading)

Introducing Maria

When I was five or six back in Calcutta, I went to see ‘The Sound of Music’ with my extended family. I think it was the first movie I saw and I remember being dressed in my best, the line to get... (Continue reading)

Happy Diwali!

A very happy Diwali to everyone. May the day brings celebrations, light and joy wherever you are!! Best wishes..... (Continue reading)

The juggle and the jiggle – nursing with two kids

Source: Breastfeeding Book ‘Nursing is a great time to connect with the entire family. Use this time to read to your older child or play a game of candyland’ Accompanying picture: Mom sitting with nursing infant at breast, cradled in... (Continue reading)

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