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Midnight Conversations with the nursing mom

Day 5, 1: 52 am Dad, bent over a tiny diaper: ‘He has pooped’ Mom: (Delighted): ‘Oh thats wonderful’ 1: 54 am Mom (concerned) : ‘Is it seedy? Is it mustardy?’ Dad: ‘Mmmm..I see a few seeds’ Mom : ‘But... (Continue reading)

Happy Dusshera and Shubho Bijoya


To all our readers – a very happy Dusshera and Shubho Bijoya. Thanks to my friend Pragna for the picture. In Atlanta some of us celebrated Pujo last weekend and some will this weekend. And there are some Dusshera parties... (Continue reading)

The mother, newborn

Hello everyone. I am delighted to announce that I am now the mom of a new baby boy. And delighted with my growing family. I dont have much time to write, as I dont have any help this time and... (Continue reading)

Home remedies for scratchy throat when pregnant

Pregnant and congested, with a scratchy throat! Apparently, congestion is another pesky yet common side effect of pregnancy – though not the scratchy throat. I had both a couple of days ago, so used some recommended home remedies I thought... (Continue reading)

Boy and Doll

As I wrote in becoming big brother, I have been devouring books on helping the babe make the transition. And one of the suggestions was getting him a baby doll, so that he can ‘practice’ being gentle with it. Also,... (Continue reading)

Woman in Question – Shahana


Name: Shahana Dattagupta Profession: Presently architectural design and human-environment research, but also want to be a writer, artist and musician. The latter three are occupations right now, but not professions ­čÖé Born and brought up: Born in Pittsburgh PA, but... (Continue reading)

The Epidurean and her magic button

In life, when you are tired, in pain or plain sleepy, have you ever thought of turning it all off and escaping by turning a switch or a button? Once, only once have I had that opportunity. I decided back... (Continue reading)

Becoming Big Brother

I am quite excited at the prospect of the babe becoming a big brother. Probably more that he is, as I dont think he realizes what it means yet. As a single child myself, I grew up lonely and wanting... (Continue reading)

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A little bit of Shah Rukh Khan in suburbia

The babe and I go to music class. Its usually a fun affair with kids dancing and singing around to a ‘collection’ of songs, available to the parents on a CD. The kids get to use music instruments and other... (Continue reading)

The question of color

‘Look Mommy’ said the babe, swinging away on the park swing, ‘One black boy and one white boy swinging together’ His neighbor was a whitish blonde toddler, probably of Russian descent. The white boy. I was immediately conscious. I slowed... (Continue reading)

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No papayas or pineapples when pregnant!

Did you know this Bloggermoms? I had not heard this at all in my first pregnancy, and tucked into papayas with relish, and luckily with no side effects. But in India they say that you should not eat papayas or... (Continue reading)

Babies with lots of hair?

Hey I heard two home remedies or tricks that pregnant women can do to make sure their babies have a lot of hair when they are born. Now I have no idea if they work or not. My friend says... (Continue reading)

The Big Debate – Promiscuous

That Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter is pregnant got to me. Not because I think its relevant to the election – I dont. But it is in some ways relevant to my life as all the media scrutiny around it will... (Continue reading)

The Whywallah and an Illogical World

The babe is an extremely logical kid. By one and a half, he learnt to say ‘why’ and since then, my knowledge of the world has been on an upward spiral while my exasperation at the illogical nature of it... (Continue reading)

More kids lunch ideas with a multicultural twist – from the readers

I loved the suggestions I got on the post on ‘Kids lunch ideas with a multicultural twist’. Sometimes the ideas get lost in the comments – so I am listing them here as a kind of part 2. You can... (Continue reading)

Unexpected childbirth decisions I had to make in my multicultural world

Last time around┬áI was an avid reader of all the pregnancy books, newsletters, websites I could find. And I was quite overawed by the spectacular array of┬ádecisions available to┬áme as a to – be mom. In the US. In India... (Continue reading)

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Gifts for kids in the US when coming from India

Some of my friends read my last post on what gifts to take for babies and toddlers in India if you are making a trip back home and suggested I write this. Now, since I am no expert in these... (Continue reading)

Gifts to take back for babies and toddlers in India

Ok, bloggermons, years ago probably it used to be easy to get gifts for toddlers and babies on your ‘gift list’ as you planned your trip to India or while flying back from your business trip. Well, given globalization and... (Continue reading)

Becoming Big Brother – Sibling Class

I had scheduled a sibling class for the babe this week. It was at the Northside hospital, called the ‘baby factory of Atlanta. It was a class for three to six year old kids. The babe was very reluctant to... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Indrani


Name: Indrani Dasgupta Goyal Profession: Home Maker Kids:  One son, Shaamak, 22 months Born and brought up: New Delhi, India Countries lived in:  India, Singapore and US Cultures in my life: Indian, Chinese, American What were some of the most... (Continue reading)

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