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The Big Debate – Religiously trying


And I thought being multicultural will make me more open minded. Back in India, I did not consider myself a very religious person. Sure I would celebrate any festival we would get a holiday on, which pretty much included HIndu... (Continue reading)

Indian Independence Day special kids lunch idea

I wrote a post on indian kids lunch ideas which had some good vegetarian lunch idea suggestions as well as some non vegetarian ones. But Indian Independence day is around the corner – so I wanted to add one more... (Continue reading)

Laptop Crunches

My laptop has gone bust! Over the last few months I have become addicted to my laptop. Well, a tablet PC to be technically correct which I loved. I guess as a Stay at Home Mom, its my way to connect... (Continue reading)

Some back to school lunch ideas with a multicultural twist

Its back to school time here in the US, and many parts of the world and if you are looking for some ideas to serve some multicultural lunches for your toddler, preschooler or kid, here are some ideas. These are based... (Continue reading)

Worth a visit – Atlanta High Museum of Art Toddler Thursdays

A member of Bloggermoms Mom Panel suggested writing about places that we think are ‘worth a visit’. I thought that was a wonderful idea, and I will kick it off with something in Atlanta I found interesting. One of the... (Continue reading)

Happy Friendship Day to all!

I hope you all are having a great day – I am truly grateful today for all my friends who make living in multicultural mayhem so much fun and easier. pet food express online word count loratadine side effects how... (Continue reading)

The second time around

You know, I have been thinking on what makes my second time different, and a lot of people ask me that as well. So heres my list: I started showing much earlier. In fact, at a school reunion before I... (Continue reading)

The brave hearted will take the babe

Ok, so according to wikipedia, the translation of Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge is ‘The brave hearted will take the bride’.  And to those who dont know, Dilwale… or DDLJ for short was one of the biggest hits of my college... (Continue reading)

School lunch intentions and reality

I have been doing a survey of Indian moms of middle schoolers or those with kids at the high end of elementary school. Its an informal survey, or course, and I just managed to talk to a few moms. My... (Continue reading)

The most extreme of makeovers

Sometime back I met a guy who had not seen me for four years. Wow, he said, you are totally different now. I asked him how and he avoided a direct answer. But it got me thinking – of all... (Continue reading)

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The Big Debate – the name game

So Brangelina named their twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Thanks to the stars,  unique and multicultural names are becoming quite the fashion now a days. And this is on my mind because I am looking for names for my... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Zeenia


Zeenia Mukherjee Carpenter Profession: Home Maker Kids: Devaki (7) and Rebecca (3) Born and brought up: Born in India. Came to US at the age of 16 Countries lived in: India and US Cultures in my life: Hindu (my side)... (Continue reading)

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Sweet Nothings – Part 2

I have been underground last few days as I was worried about this Gestational Diabetes tests. Good news first, I was cleared. But still, just in case someone else needs to know, am writing it up. So as I had... (Continue reading)

Quick and Easy Samosas – No really!

Hey everyone, I found this recipe and it worked out great. I get exhausted cooking easily and this wasnt bad at all.  And it was baked, not fried. Though it does use refridgerated pie crusts, so I dont think its... (Continue reading)

Size 8 dreams

What else do you do when you are pregnant and gaining weight rapidly? And when your last round of maternity dresses, some of which I had even worn to the hospital last time dont fit you any more? When you... (Continue reading)

Sweet nothings

Ok, so today I had my glucose tolerance test in my third trimester. Last time I sailed through it but this time I think I may ‘flunk’ it. The reason is that this time I have gained a lot of... (Continue reading)

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The non working mom life – part 2

So last time I wrote about how household drudgery is getting me down. And then today morning something small yet wonderful happened which I thought I must add. I think my ‘nesting’ instinct has set in early this time, and... (Continue reading)

Raising an American

Today the babe and I went out with his close friends to a museum where we did an art project on Fourth of July. Basically it was making a US flag collage – using the red, white, blue colors but... (Continue reading)

The non working mom life

So now I am almost at the year mark of staying at home. By this time last year I had already resigned and frankly, I was quite unsure how I would take it. I had received so much training for... (Continue reading)

Games kids play

So a friend gave my son chutes and ladders for his birthday. And it took me back to the time in my own childhood when I would play ‘snakes and ladders’ as it was then called and other games. Werent... (Continue reading)

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