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Filling Summer Break with Fun and Learning


(Since the summer is fast approaching, I thought of sharing this simple and yet wonderful list of things you can do with the kids over the summer. This list was sent to us by the Counseling Department of our elementary... (Continue reading)

Volunteering At kids’ schools – You get more than you give!


Since leaving my day job last year, I have got heavily involved in volunteering at my kids’ elementary school. And, I must say it has been a very fulfilling experience for me. For one, I feel connected to the community... (Continue reading)

How does one react to the death of someone like Bin Laden?

The whole world is abuzz today with the news of the killing of the number one most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden. Even as President Obama made the official announcement, thousands of people across the nation were out on the... (Continue reading)

Saving a year, are we?

This dilemma is often faced by parents of kids whose birthday falls past the school cut-off date. The dilemma is whether to follow the mandate and stay put or jump through hoops to ‘save a year’ by pushing the child... (Continue reading)

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The Santa Question


I sometimes wonder how do other moms and dads deal with the age old and inevitable kids’ question “Is Santa real?”…..the one that falls in the same category as “Where do babies come from?” and “Why don’t girls have pee... (Continue reading)

Educational Websites for Kids


I have compiled a list of educational websites that I have found very useful for enrichment of my now 8 and 5 year old boys. It has taken me some time to research and gather these from friends and people... (Continue reading)

The Facebook Fever


Let’s talk about addictions. What used to be limited to sex, alcohol, tobacco and drugs now also encompasses the social networking site. I have friends on FB who feel compelled to share every single thing they do or think about... (Continue reading)

The Pursuit Of Creativity


A few months back, I had written a blog titled The Creative Mind, my layman perspective on the importance of creativity. I didn’t know it then, but what started off as an intriguing topic for research at first, has turned... (Continue reading)

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Silent killer!


Often regarded as the “silent killer” it is important to address lymphoma symptoms in adults. Lymphoma is one of the most common causes of death from cancer in the United States. More than 48,000 new cases of symptoms of lymphoma... (Continue reading)

In search of Jalebis and Gathias…

I had just arrived the previous night and had stayed up till wee hours catching up with family. But as was expected, I was up bright and early due to jet-lag while everyone else was deep in slumber. It was... (Continue reading)

My Friend Veenu!

As we travel through this journey called life, we cross paths with several co-passengers, if you will, along the way. Some, we travel with for long periods of time and then there are those with whom our paths cross ever... (Continue reading)

The Creative Mind


 The fixation with academic excellence in Indian families is alarming to say the least. I have been subjected to a countless conversations on how well the children (I’m talking about 3 to 7 year olds here) are doing academically. “Is... (Continue reading)

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