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Preventing Cracked Nails in Kids


If you kids get cracked nails, try giving them more Jello. The gelatin apparently helps improve nail strength.... (Continue reading)

Holiday Season – How do you celebrate?


Christmas was not the holiday we celebrated at home while growing up in India.   I went to a Catholic school and we had some Christmas celebrations in school.  I looked forward to Christmas every year since we got 10 days... (Continue reading)

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Assimilation as a senior citizen

We are in the middle of processing the green card for my husband’s parents and having them immigrate to U.S. from India.  They have visited us several times and have spent 6 months at a time living with us.  I think... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip Off – Removing Tea Stains from China/Stoneware

To remove a tea stain from a china or a stoneware cup, sprinkle some salt on a lemon peel and rub it on the stain.  It will wash away in a jiffy.... (Continue reading)

Mom-in-Question: Tiyash


Snapshot: Name: Tiyash Occupation: Mom, Management Consultant, Engineer, Entrepreneur Kids: Two boys 3 and 7 months Born and brought up: Kolkata and Delhi, India Countries lived in: India and United States (In US for 9 years) Cultures that influence my... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip-off – Banana Peel as a Rose Bush Fertilizer

This is something that I learned while I was living in California – the land of Roses.  Banana Peels makes an excellent fertilizer for a rose bush.  You can bury a flattened banana peel under the soil of a rose bush. ... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip-off: Storing Grocery Bags

One can re-use the plastic baby wipes case to store and organize the grocery bags.  This way, the grocery bags stay organzied and handy.  If you do not have empty baby wipe cases, you can recycle the empty tissue box... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip-off

Khushi started the Daily Tip-Off  and I think its a great idea.  I would love to hear from everybody on how they find short-cuts or easier way to deal with either cooking, household, organization, kids activities or taking care of... (Continue reading)

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

April 22nd was celebrated as Earth Day throughout the world.   This post is my day late attempt to start a Earth Day discussion. Growing up in a relatively small town in India, I did not give much thought to “Going... (Continue reading)

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