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Nostalgic Daisy


Hello Ladies, Morning to you all! Warning – I don’t feel funny today I suddenly had this urge to share or more like urge for you nice ladies to listen to what I had to say. I was just reading... (Continue reading)

Daisy Fall


Hello ladies, Happy fall!! Do you feel that chill every morning when you are trying to get up and every single minute that you can spend under the covers is pure bliss cause who would like to get up and... (Continue reading)

Festive Daisy


  Hi gals, Great morning to you all. I just dropped Elvis to his school and I am a little upbeat. Why you ask?….cause the morning was uneventful for once. Elvis and Presley cooperated with me in the little tiny... (Continue reading)

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Daisy kids


  Hello my fellow Daisy’s, I have missed you guys. I have had a busy month. My mom was visiting and also Elvis started pre-k (I cant yeaaaa enough) That means I have the whole morning to myself…well and Presley... (Continue reading)

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Daisy and the Candlestands


Howdy Moms, Having a good day? I had a great day and I have my buddy Daisy and shopping to thank:-) Well....I would not really say “shopping” with an aim to buy something specific....oh well maybe socks for “Elvis” my 4 yr... (Continue reading)

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Daisy – Incepted


Hiya Gals, I finally got to see the “Inception” last night ( their credit card machine was still down BUT I used my kidneys (another name for brain...duh) this time and took the all might cash for the ticket) And even... (Continue reading)

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Cashless Daisy


Hey Gals, Hope you had a great weekend!! My weekend was uneventful. I tried seeing the movie “Inception” but was turned away at the box office. No, not cause I'm underage (I wish) but cause I had no cash. In a... (Continue reading)

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... (Continue reading)

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Wishing Daisy Gorgeous

  Hello my dear fellow Daisies, Hope you had a a wonderful day or at least wished for one. No tax to be paid there…right? Even if there is….I dont wanna know Uncle Sam. Did I ever tell you the... (Continue reading)

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Calling Ms. Daisy


Hello ladies/girls/women, Long time no see!!!…. Oh well..that might be ’cause we have never met or heard of each other. BUT Im hoping that will change and you will tune in frequently to read what I have to say …heheh,... (Continue reading)

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