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Fish Curry with Cauliflower – Phul kopi diye macher jhol


 Hello, back again with a  hot summer fish recipe, good to eat with warm hot rice! fish(rui, katla, or grass carp)- 8 pieces potato- 1 cauliflower-  cut into florets onion- 1/2 (paste) ginger -1/2 spoon(paste) cumin powder-1/2 spoon   pat... (Continue reading)

Posto Chichinga (Long Gourd with Poppy seed)

posto chichinga ( long gourd with poppy seeds)   peel the skin of chichinga, cut the chichinga into small pieces, then in a wok, put oil , add dry red chillie, 1 onion cut into little pieces, stir, after that... (Continue reading)

Delicious Egg Curry


Egg- 8 onion-1 garlic- 2 cloves gingerpaste – 1 teaspoon tomato -1 green chilli, salt, turmeric – as needed red chilli powder   boil the eggs, slit from the middle, fry with salt and turmeric keep aside Then put some... (Continue reading)

Musur Dal Recipe


  Boil the appropriate musur daal with salt and turmeric Then in a wok put oil,  add Bengali paachphoron (five spices) and dried red chillies. Let them splutter, add some onion and fry Add the daal, cook for some time, Serve... (Continue reading)

Summer Event – A cooling Aam or Mango Dal recipe

Aam dal (Mango Lentil Soup)   Boil the dal (lentils). Put the kaancha aam (mango unripened ) in the daal Heat some oil inn the wok, Add methi and mustard seed let it splutter Then add the dal along with... (Continue reading)

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Four home remedies for common ailments

Here are three home remedies for common problems from my part of the world. Home remedy for kids/babies/toddlers with cold or congestion: Crush a small amount of garlic. Mix with mustard oil.You can add some Methi (Fenugreek) if you like.... (Continue reading)

Okra (ladies finger) with onions &tomatoes


Okra  (ladies finger) with onions &tomatoes   15/20 pieces ,Okra (slightly slit from the middle) 2 onions,sliced 2 tomatoes ,sliced 1 tsp finely  choppped fresh gingerroot 2/3 green chilli,finely chopped methi seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric powder ,salt and suger  ... (Continue reading)

Paneer curry with pea and bell pepper……..


paneer-250gm,cut into small pieces potato-2,cut into 8 pieces tomato-2,cut into8/10 pieces a handful of peas green,yellow and red bell pepper (cut in cube shape) green chilli-3/4 methi,turmeric,salt and suger to taste Heat oil in a pan.fry the paneer and keep... (Continue reading)

Coping with the Symptoms of chronic bronchitis

Living and coping with symptoms of chronic bronchitis will place significant demands on both the patient and their loved ones/caregivers. There have been medical breakthroughs for common conditions associated with aging known to improve the quality of life. Learning to... (Continue reading)

Mini Moghlai

The recipe I want to share with you today, is a healthy breakfast as well as a tasty snack!This takes very little time and everyone loves to eat this . Ingredients all purpose flour( moida) 1 cup milk : 1... (Continue reading)

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Delicious Corn With Pea

Hello, back again with a healthy snack, it is really tasty and anyone of any ages can eat this food as a snack.  Ingredients: corn- 5tablespoon (frozen) pea-2 tablespoon (frozen) butter salt, pepper,lime juice  Process: put the corn and pea in a... (Continue reading)

Chicken Korma

  This is a recipe  of a chicken which is to me very tasty, sometimes we think what type of chicken we are going to cook today? Try this, I am sure everyone will like it. Ingredients:  chicken– 1 kg onion-... (Continue reading)

Mator shuti(pea)kachoori with Alu Dom

Valentines Day is around the corner. So I thought of sharing a special delicacy to you all which is very common but really delicious dish among West Bengal people. Mator Shutir kachuri(Pea kochuri) Ingredients: To make Matorshuti or pea kachuri... (Continue reading)

Chingri Mach er Tel Jhal Rasha

Hi, back with a  delicious recipe of Chingri Maach,, you can try this item anytime. shrimp-2lb garlic- 3-4 pieces ginger-1/2 tsp tomato-1 onion-1 potatoes-2(cut into diced pieces) garammasala,(half paste), bay leaf... (Continue reading)

Chire r Polao / Poha Polao

Hello back again with a tasty snack,, very easy to make, healthy , needs very little oil. But everyone  from kids to older people will like it, very easy to digest. chire/poha- 250 gm potato-2 cauliflower-4 flowers beans-5-6 carrot-1 peas-a... (Continue reading)

Chilli Nutrela

This is one of my experimental recipe,it turns out really tasty, very easy to make. Ingredients:- nutrela- 1 lb onion- 2 chopped capsicum- 1 cut into pieces garlic- 4 pieces chopped greenchilli-10 – 15  finely chopped... (Continue reading)

Cauliflower Shrimp Kasha

Hello friends, back again with another yummy recipe.Nowadays, people are health conscious, so keeping that in mind, here is a tasty but low fat recipe.   Ingredients Shrimp-1lb Cauliflower(small)-1 cut into small pieces Garlic-6-7  pieces Onion-finely chopped- 1 Tomato-1 (cut... (Continue reading)

Doi Begun (Eggplants with yogurt)


Doi Begun Hello, I am Roma Saha, stay in Kolkata ,sometimes I come to visit my two sons in USA, at present I am in Sunnyvale, California, will be back to Kolkata to my own house in May . I like... (Continue reading)