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Saumya: Can you wash this yogurt container? Mamma: Yes, sure! Saumya: Now can I play with it? Mamma: Yes, you can. Saumya: Why can I play with this? Mamma:?????????? ————————————————— Saumya: Why do we need to sleep now? Mamma: See,... (Continue reading)

I will do it

What words would a preschooler use for most part of the day? Is there a list somewhere I can look up? My lovely, always-paranoid mom friends are now wrecking their brains thinking why didn’t I know about this, really there... (Continue reading)

Bygone Pleasures

Spending zestful days with my preschooler energizes me, helps me take a fresh perspective and breaks the mundane adult thinking pattern. But many a times, it simply exhausts me. Not meaning to be disrespectful to all the preschoolers out there... (Continue reading)

Palatable Pleasures


Chop chop, sauté sauté, stir and mix, shallow and deep-fry, let is steam! It’s so exciting to be in the kitchen and cooking food for people who eat no matter how it tastes and don’t share the bad reviews with... (Continue reading)

In the groove

Remember that funny feeling in your stomach you got when you felt obligated to participate in something which you were not sure of but the circumstances brought you to the scene but as you got in the groove it turned... (Continue reading)

Laws of nature

Today was the second swimming class. My preschooler wasn’t happy that she is having to miss her preschool to go do something she isn’t even interested in the first place. On the ride to the pool, “Are we going to... (Continue reading)

The Learning Curve

Yesterday we were at the swimming pool for our preschooler’s first swimming class. The coach was nice and gentle and the class seemed to be going well just when my daughter decided she doesn’t want to learn swimming anymore. We... (Continue reading)

Red, Blue and White

Last in the Spirit Week series was Red, Blue and White Day. Children were to dress in clothes with those colors. The highlight of the day was “Make Your Own Sundae”. Scooping vanilla ice creme all by yourself, as much... (Continue reading)

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Hat Day

In the series of Spirit Week at school Wednesday was Hat Day. Wear any hat you like to school and tell us why you made that choice. Our girl wore her Easter hat with a lovely dress. When asked to... (Continue reading)

Pajama Day

Tuesday was Pajama day at school. Our preschooler went in her favorite night suit that Nani Ma gave her last time she visited India. All the way to school she kept asking me, “Why am I wearing pajamas and going... (Continue reading)

Darling Damsel

For past many months I have been trying to wheedle my preschooler to transition out from the crib to a normal bed. All our life together, which would be last three and a half years, all the battles of innocence... (Continue reading)

Pain of Mind defines, what else would it do, regret as ” Pain of mind on account of something done or experienced in the past, with a wish that it had been different; a looking back with dissatisfaction or with longing; grief;... (Continue reading)