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Problems Of Overweight:Low Calorie Diets

Today I want to discuss with you  one of the great frustation  for most of the people throughout the world , Obesity or Overweight.. Relative affluance, abundance of a wide variety of foods, lack of physical exercise  are the most... (Continue reading)

Diet And Depression

Chronic Depression is not something one can just snap out of, but a debilitating medical condition, affecting mind and body, Apart from depressed mood, loss of interest and low self worth , it includes symptoms of low energy, insomnia, weight... (Continue reading)

Parkinson’s Disease And It’s Diet..

This time I want to tell you something about the second most  progressive neurological disorder that results in the death of DOPAMINE  producing cells in the brain. Loss of Dopamine affects movement, both of skeletal muscle and smooth muscle of... (Continue reading)

Mediterranean Vegetable Salad

Though by profession I am a Dietician  , yet, my passion is COOKING. I love to be in Kitchen for long time making various dishes… I want to share a Mediterranean Vege Salad, which is  a very good diet of... (Continue reading)

Feeding Tips For The TODDLERS

Hi there, back again.. Some queries about the toddler diets?? I am here to solve something of it.. Toddlers, are no longer babies, but not quiet big kids, their needs in all aspects are changing. They are becoming  increasingly independent... (Continue reading)

Alzheimer’s Disease And It’s Diet

Hi, this is Sarmila here, by profession I am a Dietition,  today I want to share a very common disease with all of you. Alzheimer’s , a very common disease in today’s fast world damages areas of the brain involved in memory,... (Continue reading)

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