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On Mother’s Day: A house for my parents


How often does one imagine that one might design the future of one’s parents? Right from when we’re little kids, we rely on our parents to design our lives. Then at some point, if we’re truly growing up, that changes,... (Continue reading)

Thank you to Bloggermoms reviewers of Ten Avatars


When Ten Avatars was released and announced here on Bloggermoms, 5 people were given an opportunity to review the book by reading a free e-copy, and the winning review was to receive a signed paperback. I am so delighted to announce that the three reviewers... (Continue reading)

What’s your hotpocket?


So, just over two weeks ago, I returned from India. It was a trip after two years – a rather long hiatus for me. But more momentous than that, was the fact that it was JW’s first ever trip to India. Three-and-a-half years ago... (Continue reading)

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My journey of writing … to publishing – Emotions


Last week I began posting on my journey of writing and publishing, focusing on inspirations. This week I am sharing the emotional aspect of my journey. I had written (essays and poetry) since I was little, but I clearly recall the first... (Continue reading)

My journey of writing … to publishing – Inspirations


Since I was a little girl, I loved to express myself, and share with others. With words, with music, with paints. I also came to love what I now call “synaesthesia* in creative expressions – where story meets architecture and architecture... (Continue reading)

To be or not to be … a mother


The question of to be or not to be a mother has been with me since the earliest times I can remember, and it is perhaps my most existential question yet. One might think that with the clock ticking at thirty... (Continue reading)

Secrets about this economy: how success resides right within you


As 2010 is off to a rolling start and we are done stating our new year resolutions, I have a hunch that many of these are directly, or indirectly, reflections on the state of the “economy” and the ongoing “recession.”... (Continue reading)

24 hours between Country Rock and Indian Classical … or the truth about unity

Intellectual discussions on diversity, multiculturalism, and blurring of identities are one thing, but to live these things actively is quite another. Such an undertaking is challenging, pushing one to unfamiliar territories and uncomfortable places, and if the lines are also blurred by time, it is tremendously... (Continue reading)

Activate thy Verbs!


Happy 2010 to all! This is my 13th year in America, and I recall fondly that when I first moved here, I arrived with a formidable fluency in the Queen’s English peppered with occasional indulgences in the flavors of Ind-lish. Although I didn’t end... (Continue reading)

Simple Living, High Thinking


This holiday season I can’t help but chuckle again at a conversation a good friend of mine (let’s call her Devi) and I had earlier this year, comparing notes on our respective upbringings with specific regard to things, stuff, gifts …... (Continue reading)

Arjuna and the Fish Eye: the fallacy of being over-informed, hyper-busy and multi-tasking


Does any of you recall the story from the Mahabharata, about the renowned archery master Dronacharya training the Pandava brothers in the art and skill of archery? Once, when the five Pandava brothers and Karna were assembled for an archery instruction session with Guru... (Continue reading)

Tourist or Traveler?


After a significant hiatus from writing, perhaps the best excuse I can offer is that … “I was traveling.” Some literally, some metaphorically, for what is life but a journey? On that note, I have observed that most people, whether on... (Continue reading)

Please write something funny, Tanadidi!

“Tanadidi, Please write something funny. I am aching to hear a funny story from you – the kind you would tell if we happen to meet!” My cousin (and childhood friend) reads my posts here on Bloggermoms, and yesterday, I received... (Continue reading)

The cost of being right

Nearly three years ago, when I still worked at a large global design firm, a new employee was assigned to the desk next to me in the open-office system. She was an interior designer with “several years of experience,” had come from another... (Continue reading)

Creating a life beyond migraines – The Spiritual Dimension

This is the last post in the series, Creating a life beyond migraines, for which I have presented The Physical Dimension and The Mental / Emotional Dimension; this post is on The Spiritual Dimension. To meet the overarching goal for removing... (Continue reading)

Creating a life beyond migraines – The Mental / Emotional Dimension

After introducing the topic – Creating a life beyond migraines, I promised elaborations in 3 dimensions: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Last week I posted on The Physical Dimension, and here is an elaboration on The Mental/Emotional Dimension. (Most of the guidelines offered below... (Continue reading)

Creating a life beyond migraines – The Physical Dimension

Last week I introduced Creating a Life Beyond Migraines, with a promise to follow up on the physical dimension, mental/emotional dimension, and the spiritual dimension. To meet the overarching goal for removing all toxicity and allowing yourself to heal from within, the following are... (Continue reading)

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Creating a life beyond migraines – Introduction

Having experienced debilitating migraines for the last 19 years, the journey from surviving with them to thriving inspite of them has been long, arduous, insightful and ultimately, joyful. I have accessed science, art and spirituality to first understand my migraines,... (Continue reading)

How the mind interferes with Consciousness

In a previous post – Future becomes Past without being Present – I shared how the only way to move through a time of intense suffering had been to live two hours at a time – that is, be fully and uncompromisingly present. This eventually led... (Continue reading)

New-mommy pains … and gains

What could a non-mom ever know about new-mommy pains, right? Well, think again. As you know, about 5 weeks ago, I adopted Lailah. Yes, my little furry sidekick with golden eyes. Except, little did I realize, that a mommy of... (Continue reading)

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