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The Power of Now

Late last year, I wrote a post titled Future becomes Past without being Present. Well, I am currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. I had already read his more advanced work A New Earth , and I’m finding that... (Continue reading)

Introducing Lailah


Who says I ever do anything practical?   Meet Lailah, my new domestic (short-haired) partner. She came home on Saturday. She was rescued as a disturbed teenage mom (pregnant at 6 months, she’s only 7-1/2 months old now). I met... (Continue reading)

Reaction, Response, or Initiation

Last week I wrote about distinguishing between decision and choice.  It was while working in a fast-paced, aggressive work environment that I had an experience fully illustrating how recognizing and exercising choice could immensely benefit actions and outcomes. In the... (Continue reading)

Decision or Choice?

Even as an insatiable language enthusiast who revels in the nuances of words, for most of my life, I had used the words choice and decision interchangeably. “Come on, hurry up and decide!” or, “Come on, hurry up and make... (Continue reading)

Cruising on the Road of Life


Exactly three years ago, in late June 2006, my childhood best friend Amrita came to visit me in Seattle from New Delhi. It was her first visit to the United States, and we had talked about it for years and... (Continue reading)

What is abuse / domestic violence?

After 4 years of performing (music, theater) in various productions for the cause of Chaya, a Seattle-based community organization working with South Asian women and their families to provide culture-specific assistance in cases of domestic violence, I attended their annual fundraiser this May. I... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip Off: The 8 Principles of Creating Fun

As described in my case-study / restrospective “In pursuit of being (something)” the essence of everything I have been doing, can be summed up in four important elements: LOVE, TRUTH, CREATIVITY and FUN. Here is a set of inspirational and actionable principles many of which I have to... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip Off: The 48-Hour Emergency Rule

I developed this rule when working in a fast-paced, aggressive work / life environment, when I first realized that most of us react in stressful situations, very few of us respond, and very, very few of us actually initiate the... (Continue reading)

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In pursuit of being (something)

So, it’s exactly a year to the date since I began my journey in search of … being. On reflecting back, I was operating on a hunch that being something must first start by … just being. Modern culture, and certainly South... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off : stress management

I must say that I love the “daily tip-off” idea, because it is a quick way of sharing practical wisdom, and as one reader (Ranajit) points out, supports the “continuous improvement” model of living and working. I have a daily tip... (Continue reading)

Nature’s paradox : immortality ensures mortality

Last Saturday, I went garage-sale hopping in West Seattle – something I ordinarily wouldn’t do, but a community-wide initiative in an upscale neighborhood meant I could peek into beautifully designed homes, and gain a voyeuristic view of their odds-and-ends collections …... (Continue reading)

Hormonal and Dysfunctional?

Throughout history, one of the reasons women have been considered “inferior” is the seeming irrationality in them, especially when they are actively “hormonal.” Women have been laughed at (and have learned to laugh at themselves) for this apparent weakness. Early medical understanding... (Continue reading)

Jesus Never Fails

Long international flights, like the ones I just did from Seattle to London and back, are great times to nap, watch movies, read a book … and well, for me, often ponder important thoughts. This time, besides making considerable headway... (Continue reading)

Why do we love the Slumdog?

As the stock market plummets, the stimulus package remains under scrutiny and more jobs disappear, what is it about Slumdog Millionaire’s rag-to-riches story that has overwhelmingly caught the Western world’s rapt attention? With the Academy Awards in which the film... (Continue reading)

Recipes … with love

Although I absolutely love cooking – I think of it as an art form, therapy, and a medium of sharing pure love – I rarely write down recipes. I neither record my own recipes, which I have been creating since I started cooking as early as... (Continue reading)

Finding friendship in love and love in friendship


With inspiration from this month’s proposed theme in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I am reminded of some realizations about love and friendship I have accumulated through my experiences. Romantic love stands out as unique because of the special and distinct attrtibute of sexual... (Continue reading)

When the lights were out

For all those who grew up in India, do you remember the times when we were little and the lights went out, especially at night? This past December in Seattle was more severe than many can remember. Most people who’ve... (Continue reading)

A Truer Choice

“We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” Barack Hussein Obama’s speech a few moments ago was sophisticated, muscular, ambitious, unapologetic. At the same time it accessed a certain humility and reverence, laced with several metaphors for old American ideals.... (Continue reading)

Big Questions, Little Answers

So, I am at a significant crossroads. My boyfriend was raised with strong Christian beliefs based in the Bible’s word, and his mother gives him regular doses of Heaven-Hell implications of being with me. At the end of the day, however, this is not... (Continue reading)

May I return this 9-year marriage, please?

Thanks to Sophie’s raising questions about divorce in Indian marriages through her posts, The New Indian Woman and Divorce and A Big Debate – Kids and Marriage, I was inspired to share this little excerpt from a short story I have written.... (Continue reading)

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