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Rowing in Tandem

This past summer, my boyfriend and I were in Halibut cove, a tiny island of about 100 residents off the fishing town of Homer. (A story from this trip was shared in a previous post titled Mommy and Momma.) In the late afternoon, our hosts... (Continue reading)

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When tragedy presents opportunity

Some are saying this is the 9/11 of India. And like Khushi says, others are saying “Mumbai is brought to its knees.” Yet other news outlets use the term “A city under siege.” Unlike probably most others, my response has... (Continue reading)

A drop in the sea in the making of history

Last week was a momentous time in history. No matter whom one supported politically, it is undeniable that the election of a person of color as President, in the nation with the most power and influence in the world is a tremendously historic and significant moment. It was not... (Continue reading)

Future becomes past …. without being present

In the months after I left my 8 plus-year marriage, the pain was so immense that at most times I could not function for or look past more than two hours at a time. I was used to seeing into the future,... (Continue reading)

Will you marry us?

“Will you marry us?” This is the question that was being asked of me. Not a common one, is it? Usually, it is “Will you marry me?” But no, I was being asked the former, by a close friend of mine... (Continue reading)

Mr. Perfect

So, while I have written quite a bit about many aspects of being Single in Seattle, I haven’t yet touched on a big aspect of being single again … yes, dating!  Just over 2 years ago, when I became ready to date, I didn’t know quite... (Continue reading)

Importing Benaras to Seattle … and reflections on the oneness of the world

On Friday night I attended a Hindustani classical concert … it had been a while. How could I miss this one? Rajan and Sajan Mishra of the delightful Benaras gharana were going to be performing in the University of Washington campus. Rarely... (Continue reading)

idlezoo: the little story of a little children’s entrepreneur

Ever wonder what might happen if you simply let the child in you continue to thrive and dream and create in your otherwise “realistic” adult world? Ever wonder what may be possible if your hands did their own bidding, creating ideas as you go about your grown-up, responsible... (Continue reading)

Personal is Political: South Asian Lens on Vibrant Love

Having been a close witness to the journey of Tasveer, a local grassroots film organization, I am thrilled that this family of courageous, independent film enthusiasts is demonstrating a marked evolution (and revolution) in presenting perspective through film. They are... (Continue reading)

This too will change …

I have a distinct memory of being 4 years old and sitting on a high box-bed with a bright yellow cover, watching my Dadubhai (maternal grandfather) changing his kurta and tightening his lungi, and talking incessantly to him. I was... (Continue reading)

A Chat with Robinder

In my single life, my computer means more than one can imagine – yes, trust me, more than what it normally means to most people. It is my connection to the world, to my family and friends in India, it is where I... (Continue reading)

Mommy and Momma

I don’t know if there is a better way to examine or understand the true breadth or depth of one’s own open-mindedness other than by actually immersing in situations that are not “normal” to one. (As a small but significant digression, the dictionary defines... (Continue reading)


I wish I could remember back to the time when I took my first faltering steps. I think I was walking soon after I turned one. As a non-mom, I do not have the experience of seeing my baby make... (Continue reading)

My very own Dashavataram

Last week I saw Kamal Hassan’s Dashavataram. In Tamil, with subtitles. After my divorce three years ago, I suddenly came upon that vast, unexplored no-(wo)man’s land called singlehood. Other people’s summer parties, happy bright kitchens with kids running around, fresh dosas on the... (Continue reading)

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