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Animal Safari in GA

While driving back from AL last  weekend (JUly 4 th vaccation), I was surprised to see Animal safari boards on the way..Yes Guys!! Animal Safari is here in GA.This place is near Callaway gardens. It will be close to 1... (Continue reading)

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Georgia CRCT scores

Hey bloggermoms..The crct scores are out. If you have a school grader, then you may have already received the scores that were sent home.  If anybody is looking to move based on the schools this year or next year, here is... (Continue reading)

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Gas Cartoons


... (Continue reading)

Love Actually

Hey bloggermoms!! “Love Actually” is an old british movie( 3 or 4 years back) but I saw it only last weekend..Its a VERY CUTE ,funny,romatic movie..All you romantic or nonromantic people should see it..My hus who hates chicflicks hated it….ofcourse!!!! No surprise about that…... (Continue reading)

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Kerala Appam recipe

Today I thought I would post one of my favorite breakfast item..Kerala Palappam.It goes well with coconut potato stew. This recipe needs to have a grinder/mixer. Ingredients 1 glass rice 3/4 glass coconut (dry) not milk 1/2 glass cooked rice... (Continue reading)

3 Organic face masks

Hey bloggermoms..I saw this on msn and thought I would share this with you all !!!! I knew lemon and honey mix is good. I havent tried avacado yet. Happy masking!!! 1. Mix cream cheese and Lemon juice. Apply it... (Continue reading)

When do kids learn to read???

Hi Bloggermoms!!!I am back..My daughter was sick..She had a fever of 101 deg…Now She is doing good..I couldnt get to the computer last few days…So howz everybody doing??? How was April fool??My son had a blast saying funny things to... (Continue reading)

Nanny or daycare????

Recently one of my new coworker who is going to have a baby in 1 month asked me this question.”What do you think?Should we have a nanny or a send the baby to daycare?? The question took me 2 years... (Continue reading)

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Potty training time for kids!!!!

Anyone having potty training trouble? Luckily both of my kids were really good.My son learned it 3 weeks. My baby girl was much faster.She learned it in 2 weeks. Last weekend, at a party, my friend was explaining to me... (Continue reading)

Amarchithra kathas- My favorite old books

Hey bloggermoms!!! Have you guys read Amarchithra kathas when you guys were small? These books are illustrated Indian classics. I used to love Ramayana ,Mahabharatha, tennali Raman..etc…. Last weekend when I went to an Indian friends house , I saw... (Continue reading)

What would you love to do?

I would say sleeping. I would love to sleep the whole day.wake up to eat something and then go back to sleep..WOW!! That would be awesome..These days I am thinking about taking a day off from office.Send the kids to... (Continue reading)

Discipline a first grader

I have a seven year old kid who recently has started to not listen to me anymore!!! I am talking to other parents.They suggest that he being a boy its expected.. But I also got the same response from some... (Continue reading)

Early detection is the key to increasing


The early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are very important to know. Early detection is the key to increasing your chances of survival and getting the necessary treatment for increasing the success rate of cancer treatment. Pancreatic cancer is one of... (Continue reading)

What would you do with $270 million?

Hey Bloggermoms…GA megalottery draw is today.Its worth $270 million..What would you guys do with it if you win? You will get only half of it due to the tax.So thats 135 million. Here is my wishlist.. I would pay out... (Continue reading)

South Indian Baby/Toddler lunch or dinner

My mom is here with me now..She is gonna stay for 3 months. She stayed with me when both of my kids were babies. She used to feed them homemade baby foods and gerber foods. I asked her to give... (Continue reading)

South indian chicken Curry Recipe

This is the Chicken Curry I always make . It turns out very good. Try it out. My kids loves it as both of them likes spicy food. I get the whole chicken from Publix. Did you know that if... (Continue reading)