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Salsa Girl..!!!

This girl was born with SALSA in her blood..!!! I have watched this video several times and this girl is amazing! Have a nice weekend ya’ll.... (Continue reading)

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Get a Mac: Vista’s Sad song

This is the latest Apple ad: “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” , where PC is all blue because Vista is Glitchy and everybody is leaving for Mac. The end is my favorite part! Enjoy.Vista\’s Sad Song... (Continue reading)

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5 de Mayo… More Salsa con Regeaton…

This is a new song from a new grup called NG2. I love this song.. so Happy 5 de Mayo!!... (Continue reading)

India: soy diferente

 I love this salsa singer! Her name is India or “La India”, and she is one of my favorites. I hope you like her! ... (Continue reading)

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Cervical Cancer Signs And Symptoms

Not every disease has to end in death; but you need to do your part for that to be true, which is why you as a woman need to become aware of cervical cancer signs and symptoms. So, what is... (Continue reading)

I love Salsa!!!

Putting some Latin flavor to our forum, here is a video of my favorite group N’Klabe. Salsa and Merengue are my favorite music and they surely live up a party!  If you guys find a video about India dances and put... (Continue reading)

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Georgia mountains

Hi Ya’ll I want to share this video we made last December, whene we stayed in the Georgia Mountains in a cabin close to the little German town called “Helen”. Helen is located in the north Georgia mountains close to... (Continue reading)

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Florida Beaches


I love Florida!! Its beaches are the BEST in da good ol’ US of A. My favorite is Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. Its located 55 miles south of Tampa. If you ever pass bye you need to take a... (Continue reading)

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What candidate is going to be better for us?


Hi Guys, we as immigrants, who do you think is going to be better for us? Hillary or Obama? . The Republicans? Or  any combination:  Hillary – Obama, Obama – Hillary, or any combination of the beloved Republicans? Whay do ya think?    ... (Continue reading)

I love Macs..!


I was wondering how many of you guys use Macs, if at all. Since I did “The switch” i’ve been very happy, plus my mac works great with my ipods and iphone. No more viruses for me! Bye bye Microsoft. Thank... (Continue reading)