Photo0004Our green, hilly city is decked up. Red, orange, yellow, brown. And the green of summers past, lingering on like intimate guests after a party. This is by far the best week this fall. Atlanta is in the South of course, and I have heard that colors are so much better in New England. But I dont want to compare – I want to just enjoy the colors on my drive to pickup my son, or on the way back from the grocery store.

I try to share my joy with my sons. The baby is fascinated by a leaf on the driveway. Who knows if he notices the colors? Who knows if he wonders why the leaves are gone? But I tell him anyway. My four year old is full of questions. The same questions, asked every year, as inevitable as the change of seasons. Why do leaves dry up? Why do they fall? How do the plants get oxygen without leaves?

Leaves preserved in kid artwork or in the folds of a dictionary. The sound of blowers switching on just as the baby is going down for his nap, or when I get a phone call. The gusts of wind.

Autumn songs. Autumn artwork from schools – the pumpkins, the colors, the leaves.

The need to pull out the fleece, and turn on the heat at night and then the gift of a sunny, warm day when I can do without them, and pretend winters afar.

Diwali in Delhi with a chill in the air. And now leftover candy and the couple of pounds I add on after Halloween.

Couldnt help but writing…enjoy fall and write in your thoughts!

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  1. rajvi

    Khushi – I love fall/autumn in Atlanta. Last few weeks, I cannot help feeling blessed and happy on the morning drive to drop my son to school and then on to work. It just makes my day.

  2. Lovely post….captures the season beautifully. It’s my favorite season of the year. The scenes on the drives are so picturesque, the air so crisp….like Rajvi said, you can’t help but feel happy and blessed on these beautiful autumn days.

  3. Khushi

    Thank you Nikki. I am looking forward to hearing from you on the site too.

  4. Indrani

    Lovely post Khushi. Captures the change if season so well. I do miss the fall colours of California.

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