Baby Carrots

baby namesI think it was Beverly Hills 90210 where I heard the term ‘cutie pie’ used first. I did not particularly like the pie tail to that phrase. A pie did not look very fascinating, and certainly was not something I craved at that point. So I dismissed it as an American thing. I decided I would never call any one cutie pie.

But since then of course, I have moved to the US, and have got used to not just cutie pie, but sweetie pie, honey bunches, baby cakes, sugar pie…you get the picture. And like many adolescent promises that I have broken, the staying off cutie pie was pushed under my general American lingo juggernaut.

So I have been using these terms liberally with my kids. Till the last few weeks, when I returned to work, and have moved beyond my group of SAHMs into America once more, and have been steadily gaining weight. Now I feel like becoming politically correct and call my kids baby carrots or something healthy, nutricious and good for the world.

Right after I eat my third slice of apple cake.

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  1. indrani

    Very cute post! Loved reading it.

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