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Since the little one was born, I have been avoiding taking the babe to the various ‘mommy and me’ classes’. It was still difficult to adjust the feeding schedule, and however I may dream of being one, I am not yet a mom who can start nursing the baby in any situation. Plus, its cold and flu season, so I am trying to restrict the babies exposure. My husband has been taking him, and that arrangement had outlived its welcome with both the him and the babe.

So it was back to mommy and me time. I was looking forward to it as I have been missing my one-on-one time with my son, and missing the energy of some of these classes. The little one was very cooperative – nursed on time and spit up just enough to scare mommy but not enough to warrant a change of clothes for mom or self – each of which would have delayed us. The babe himself finished a big breakfast on time and was dressed and ready 15 minutes before our time to leave. I even packed the teacher gift and kept it in the car. These three incidents gave me so much confidence that I launched on a bit of house cleaning, which as you probably expected, pushed us over the edge and delayed the departure.

Still, we were just five minutes late when we reached the class. There were many new kids and new songs, but we had a blast. Actually, mommy had a blast – she jumped and danced with enthusiasm at every song, while the babe sat near the window a but suspicious. Though he never said it, I knew he had missed me there. He had gotten used to not having me there, and now that I was back, he was getting used to the fact that it was different – he had a brother – but still the same.

Ahem…I think he was just tired as he had slept little last night….but hey, I have the moms license to interpret. I tried to do all the things I knew he liked. (the I am a big boy but I can pretend I am small things). But half way through the class he started opening up and getting back to his usual self, enjoying himself, playing, laughing.

I loved meeting my friends too, and the teacher whom I liked. When I was driving back I noticed the trees were all empty of leaves – fall had come and gone and I had been at home. And though life had moved ahead – I now had two babies instead of one – its nice once in a while to pretend it was still the same. And that you are one or even two stages behind where you are today.

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  1. Anonymous

    You are getting old! Just look ahead

  2. Ano

    Thats true – looking ahead yet missing the past.

  3. Anonymous

    this ‘me and my time’ with anyone gives a great satisfaction and helps to change one’s mood. Go ahead and do it more often!

  4. Khushi

    Thank you all so much for your comments. I appreciate what you say Anonymous 2 about me and my time.

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