Becoming a Teacher in the US when moving from India or a foreign country

This is part of our series on career transplants. Non expert, research based resources for those making a transition in terms of career to the US.

Like dieticians and nutritionists, the demand for teachers in the US is likely to grow given the emphasis of the current government and large corporations and non profits on education.  In the US, each state has its own requirements for its teachers, and many have their own accreditation programs.  You will need a four year college degree, most likely in education or in the area where you plan to teach. A good place to start is your state’s department of education.  The Department of Education has a useful site at the national level that is a great starting point. It has a list of certifications and alternate routes to getting certified. It also provides a flavor of what teaching entails through various articles.

Another resource for learning more about teaching and how to get certified is linked here. This one also has various career tips. A list for teaching certification requirements is listed in all states is listed on this site as well.

If you are looking for an H1B visa sponsorship for teaching, note that all school districts do not offer sponsorships. Contact your lawyer for specific details on the visa process.

Stay tuned for some more information on becoming a teacher based on real life experiences of others who have made the transition. Note that we are not experts, so please do add your suggestions and experiences.

We would love to hear from someone who has made the transition. And if you find resources, please addd here.

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    i am so glad that you posted this useful link, many women raises question how to be a certified teacher in this country.. I will refer them to read yours.. thanks..

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