Being a mother is the neccessity for Invention?

Have you ever thought how being a mom has made you a creative improviser? It certainly has made me one.

Last week I had an important meeting. On the way there, I had to drop off my son at school. And I had to make lunch in the morning, feed the baby, do a whole bunch of things. So I rush about my morning routine ironing out tantrums, giving hugs and breakfasts, taking a 3 minute shower,  squeezing into pre-baby formal wear, using baby wipes on spilled peanut butter and the likes.

I get in to the car, drive into the traffic in the dark and just as I reach the main road I realize – I had forgotten to brush. Morning brush. That I always do instinctively, and never feel fresh without. Somehow today I had missed it.

But there was just no way I could go back. My son would be late for school. Though there were grocery stores on the way, stopping was also out of question.

So all the way – in stop and go traffic – I hunt around in the car. Groping in the glove compartment, Reaching to the back seat. Trying in desperation to see if by a stroke of luck I could unearth a toothpaste or at least a breathmint.

But though my car looks like I live in it – nothing. Not even in the diaper bag (apparently I had not encountered a need to brush baby during the day).

The thought of going with morning breath to the meeting was appalling. What a first impression.

I had to do something. A threat from a forgotten story book kept popping up in my brain – ‘Dont use bad words or I will wash your mouth out with soap..’

Soap. I had soap. Aveeno baby soap. In doubles in my purse and the diaper bag. So I dropped my son off, reached my meeting venue and went to the bathroom. I washed my hands. Then squeezed out the baby soap onto my finger and rubbed my teeth. And rinsed it out.

If you havent tried it, I hope you dont have to. It tastes exactly like – soap. That leaks into your mouth occasionally while washing your face. But just more intense, as you are rubbing it in.

No freshness of toothpaste, but I felt cleaner. Now I had Aveeno baby soap breath.

At the meeting I took a strong cup of coffee.

Between Java and soap I had it nailed.

Have you had to improvise in some crazy situation life has thrown you in? Do share!


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  1. OMG, so I’m not the only one. I have at least on 3 different occaissions left for work without brushing. I won’t go into how and why for now but am glad to hear there are others like me:)

  2. Tana

    I’ve always had a potty-mouthed, irreverent side and have heard the threat of washing my mouth out with soap umpteen times from well-meaning “grown-ups.” I’m glad you’ve reported its unpleasant side-effects; perhaps it’s incentive for me to grow up too:-)

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