Being Mom

I was excited to wish a friend today – who just became a mom. She was struggling with the sleepless nights.

I remembered by ‘brand-new-baby-ordeal’ days. It was compounded by the fact that I had given birth to a preemie at 32 weeks of gestation (7th month) who weighed a fragile 1.6kgs. She was much lighter than the laptop I used to carry to work.I think the impact hit me the most after my daughter was discharged from the neonatal ICU a good 28 days later. I was now the chief-caretaker of this l’il butterfly. No longer could I depend on peadeatric experts who attended to my baby 24/7. When my daughter came home from the hospital she weighed a grand 1.7kgs (!!) Yes – She put on 150 gms in 28 days.

That was 2 yrs ago. The first 3 months were a blur. The major milestone was reached when she weighed 2.5 kgs (technically a 40 week gestation birth weighing 2.5 kgs is classified as a low birth weight baby too). But for my premie she was a fighter to have touched her target weight on schedule (as per the doctor).


Today she is a 2 yr old bouncing, bright, chatterbox. She is normal with an average height and weight.I owed it all to my mother’s unflinching support. And to my hubby who managed to be super-cheerful, positive all through staying up nights and going to work next day with a smile. He was just so thankful to be a dad!

The good part about having a preemie is that I’m thrilled if my daughter is normal, healthy, manages to average her speech development and there are no ‘ambitious’ ‘competitive milestones’ in my head.

I’m thankful for what she is, and any development is a wonderful bonus.

Believe me, I can be quite competitive with academics, career etc. So> this is a change in mindset.


 I’m hoping I can keep up the ‘learning & growing’ as a mom each year teaches me greater patience, more gratitude & deep wellness of love.

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  1. Khushi

    Very touching post. I too try to enjoy my sons as they are without being competitive. Its somehow easier with the second one. I am so chilled out with him.

  2. mahi

    Sophie – Your post touched me. I also have a almost two year old. It was a struggle for us to have him and we had almost given up a hope of having a child of our own. So today, when I see him achieving various milestones, it does not matter to me whether he is achieving them “earlier” or “later” or “just-in-time”.

  3. Indrani

    A touching post indeed. sometimes we are so caught up with our child reaching the milestones on time that we forget to enjoy the journey along the road.

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