Birthday Party, Bollywood Style

My friend has some of the most creative party ideas I have seen ( I was going to use ‘funnest’ even though I dont have a tween but my collapsing command over Queens English is another story). Last year she has a belly dancer over for her daughters party and this year it was a Bollywood Dance party. Well timed given the interest in Bollywood after Slumdog Millionaire. The garage had a distinct festive air. The back walls were covered with streaming red and yellow saris. (or cloths looking like saris). The walls were decked with posters of recent Tamil and Hindi movies. The guest list covered both Indian and non Indian guests which I thought was fantastic. What better way to show off our culture and also show our kids that we are totally comfortable in our own culture and dont need to hide.

But I digress. She had invited a lady from Indigo Fusion Dance company who teaches Bollywood dancing here in Atlanta to teach the kids Bollywood dancing. She would play a song, and the kids would do steps in pair and then the parents would get to guess the song and the movie. The songs were from my time in India, so that brought back a lot of memories. The kids loved dancing. An American lady mentioned to me that she would get some Bollywood songs for her children as her baby has never shown such involvement in music before. The cute little baby was literally bouncing up and down in rythm on her moms lap.

All the kids got a prize ( or goody bag) for their participation. I thought this was a pretty cool idea for Birthdays or other kids parties.

If you need the contact, here is the website.


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  1. Pry

    Cool..Love this idea..I am going to think about this for my girls next year birthday party.

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