Boy and Doll

As I wrote in becoming big brother, I have been devouring books on helping the babe make the transition. And one of the suggestions was getting him a baby doll, so that he can ‘practice’ being gentle with it. Also, when I am busy feeding the baby or otherwise occupied with it after birth, he has his own ‘baby’.

Sounded like a good idea to me. Plus the babe had been very curious about dolls in playdates ever since I had been talking about the new baby, so I thought he would be a natural.

So I went ahead and bought him a doll. This being the multicultural, politically correct America, I could find a baby doll right there in Toys R Us with skin color like us and brown eyes (Though my entire childhood I played with dolls with curly blonde hair, blue eyes and the cutest curly lashes). I also got him a juice and a milk bottle, plus a little stroller – you can tell I have been waiting to buy ‘girl’ stuff.

The first day the babe was really excited about his baby. He learnt to hold it ‘gently’ (though he did drop it a few times). He learnt to support the head, lay the baby down, give a bottle. After every meal he would rush to it to feed it juice and then milk. The doll had a bed on cushion next to his big boy bed.

But within a week the glamour had worn off and the poor baby doll lies unattended. The babe is back to his other toys and books and art supplies. The doll still sleeps on the cushion, but thats where it stays.

I’ll keep you all updated on what happens when the real baby comes. But I will tell you this – when one of the babe’s playmates – another three year old boy – almost fell on the baby doll while visiting, the babe was very upset. He protested to that kid and proclaimed he didnt know how to deal with babies! So there may be something in this experiment after all.

We shall see!

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  1. Anonymous

    I gave my son a baby doll too, it really helped him with his sister when she came. But he usually did not play with him till I was doing something with the sister

  2. Pry

    I got a gift for my son and gave it to him the day my baby girl was born .. I told him his baby sister got it for him..He was so happy

  3. Khushi

    Thanks Pry and Anonymous. I did try to give him a gift (which he liked) but claimed it could not be from the baby since how will the baby know!

  4. joysree

    i wonder what your big boy is doing with the doll after he sees his young he interested in the doll any more?you can keep the doll along with you and ask him to play with it when you are busy with changing or feeding the little one.he can make a bed or change the dolls dress’and talk with you and get your attention.

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