Breakfast In Bed


This Valentine’s day, be lazy. Indulge!

Forget about boxed chocolate or a dozen of roses or an overpriced dinner. Treat yourselves to the make ahead breakfast plan instead. This sweet morning meal ,you can plan ahead , so concentrate on relaxing in bed most of the morning! Isn’t it a good suggestion?

But if  breakfast in bed doesn’t suit you, you can have a healthy Brunch or a Romantic Dinner, or throw a Cocktail party.

Whatever you plan today, will be the Day’s Special!, I assure you.

As my topic is the breakfast in bed, I will continue with it, so why not give your sweet love a Relaxing Breakfast with a few special touches in a great way to show how much you love and care!

Surprise your Sweet one  with  French Toast, Blueberry Muffins, Breakfast Casserole, Belgian Waffle with Cherry Sauce or a Chocolate Spread And a stuffed Egg Omlete.Add the Healthy Sweet Breakfast with a hot flavoured coffee or a cup of Hot Cappuccino Drink. If both of you love a cold sweet drink, indulge yourselves with a Strawberry or a Raspberry Smoothie drink.It will be refreshing and healthy as well!

With these foods, your sweetie will get their day off to a delectable start!

Enjoy your day!

Happy Valentine 2009….

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  1. Khushi

    What a wonderful idea and so timely. I woke up to feed my baby and saw this. Thanks you Sarmila.

  2. Pry

    Happy valnetines day Everybody!!!

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