Breastfeeding has become so frustrating

My 3 and half month old baby isnt eating like he used to. i had to stop breastfeeding for 2 weeks due to medical reasons and  i used a pump for those 2 weeks and he went right back to breatfeeding without a problem or a fight. and i feel like i am not producing enough milk for him. when im feeding him he will suck for a couple of minutes and then let go and then ill put him back on and he does the same thing and he sits and cries like he isnt gettin enough milk from me and it is getting frustrating for the both of us. and it doesnt matter what side he is on. I dont know what to do he is my first one and im out of ideas and about ready to switch to bottle feeding and i dont want to have to do that but its getting to the point were we dont have that bonding moments ne more its like a fight to get him to eat. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Khushi Mommy

    Cham, you know, after pumping for a while milk flow sometimes becomes faster, at least it did for me. For my son, when he was nursing, after I went back to work and started pumping, his feeding time decreased from 45 mins to 20 mins as my milk flow increased by pumping. You know, once he stops, does he seem happy? is he growing enought, or is energetic? This is a tough stage, so hold tight and dont give up!

  2. Anonymous

    Hello. I think this can be a flow issue or maybe the taste of milk has changed. Are you on some medication? Have you recently gone back to exercising (i think this produces lactic acid which affects milk taste)? Are you having your periods by any chance? I have heard that all these things or a new pregnancy can change the taste leading to this kind of behavior.

  3. Marjorie Khanna

    Dont give up! It sounds like a painful problem. I am glad you are feeling better and are off medication. Maybe you can try sitting in a darkened room, a calm place and nurse. The baby may need some time to get adjusted to a different flow, as he has been using the bottle. Just hang in there. Maybe your doctor or babys doctor can help with tips.

  4. Smitha

    If you continue to breastfeed you will have more milk in days.It may not happen in 1 day but it will be all good in a week..Stay in there!!!

  5. amrita

    Just checking in, have things improved? It can be so frustrating, I know. really tough to go on..

  6. Anonymous

    No it hasnt gotten any better but i know what is wrong now and am getting help. Im really not producing enough milk but i have talked to a lactation consultant and we have come up with a solution and HOPEFULLY in a week or two my milk will be back to normal for him.

  7. cham

    Thank you all for all of your advise and support i really wanted to give up but with everyones positive support i stuck with it.. So thank you very Much


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