Bygone Pleasures

Spending zestful days with my preschooler energizes me, helps me take a fresh perspective and breaks the mundane adult thinking pattern. But many a times, it simply exhausts me. Not meaning to be disrespectful to all the preschoolers out there but every mom needs to get back to her prosaic way of thinking. She longs for her humdrum world that includes lackluster adults who have lost their capability of getting excited at everything they see. She craves to be with someone who can celebrate just her. And of all the heartbreakers my dear preschoolers, here’s the biggest jolt: She sometimes needs to be alone!! Boy oh boy, did I just say that? Whenever my daughter hears this, she takes it way too personally. She would keep on hovering around me with a courtesy smile and would say ‘I love you’ every two seconds. “Why do you need a break? Why can’t I come with you? I will always take you with me. I am a nice person. I don’t want to be quiet. I love talking to you”. To avoid all this drama, I use her naptime as my “Me Time”. Not that I can go anywhere but I really look forward to it. I can do anything I want and not be answerable. I also cater to sinful food cravings at this time which otherwise are left alone for fear of setting the wrong precedent. It’s a jolly good non-parenting time. But after many days of lingering hope when I was trying to fight with the inevitable, today I have come to the terms with the fact that my beloved naptime is over forever. This is my tribute post to ‘the nap’ that provided me the much needed seclusion and escape. You will be missed.

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  1. Khushi

    I agree with you totally. Every mom needs a little break or me time, to stay sane. Nap time is an issue for us too now, and I am struggling to keep it alive as long as I can.

  2. Marjorie

    Long live naps! I can see why you would miss them. I hope she is sleeping early as a result giving you more time in the evenings.

  3. malini

    Lisa, I agree with you and Khushi entirely….we all need some time for ourself be it a mom or any woman….I realy cherish & try to utilize the odd hours I get to pursue my hobby

  4. Asha A

    Nice post. We all cherish our time alone and it is vital. I think Marjorie is right – get herto maybe sleep ealry

  5. sands

    We start the bedtime at 7 and getting into pajamas and brushing teeth etc. and reading books in bed which is her beloved thing, makes it beyond 8 and then she is sleepy in the morning! But I must say my afternoons have become much more peaceful since I have given up the fight for naps.

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