Calling Ms. Daisy

Ms. Daisy

Hello ladies/girls/women,

Long time no see!!!….
Oh well..that might be ’cause we have never met or heard of each other. BUT Im hoping that will change and you will tune in frequently to read what I have to say …heheh, more like “Listen to me gals” . I would love to hear or in this case read what ya’ll have to say to my blaberring so feel free to write to me and ask for my opinion /advise, which is FREE (how great is that)….my kidneys however are at a cost and reserved for my 2 kids in case you thinking of asking me for it.

A little bit of an intro. I decided to go by the name “Daisy” which is a name Iv been intrigued by most of my life cause its a quintessential Punjabi name in the category of Pinky and Rosy. I also happen to love that fragrance incidently by Marc Jacobs…very daisy-ish smell…LOVELY.

I have 2 boys Elvis and Presley…….again names I wish I could keep for my boys but decided with more acceptable Indo-American names which will come up in my blaberring in the future :-))). I live in Atlanta, nice city not nearly as nice as Santa Barbara where I will live one day in a Spanish mansion with copper ceilings and flowing white curtains once the GA Lottery comes through for me. Hopefully I will not be too old to enjoy the Sun and sand of the west coast. But mind it… I will live in California one day and shop like the Kardashian sisters and will need one of you gals out there to be my shopping buddy since I dont have a sistah.
Speaking of “Keeping up with the Kardashian”, am I the only one who has a love/hate relationship with that show. If its on I just CANNOT look away even though I keep thinking I should be watching the Discovery channel instead and taking my grey cells for a run. I want to say I hate watching that show cause what is it about anyway BUT I usually end up watching it. I say good for you Kardashian….thats called making money outta nothing at all. Deep down and I mean somewhere really deep down  (can you tell Im embarrassed to say it) I wish I could do it SO all the more power to you girl or girls.

Ok…so my 2 yr old son is vying for my attention now and that means the countdown has begun. You know thatcmoms…..countdown to when he will eventually tire of calling out your name and move it up a notch to maybe a louder pitch or throwing his toys around. Louder pitch = ok BUT throwing toys = picking em up usually by a close family member….almost always a close family member called “MOM”. So before that happens I’l take your leave. will be back sooner than you know with more of my “just nothing chatter”………Later alligators (can you tell Iv lived in florida ….Did the Gator give it away?)

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  1. Khushi

    Welcome, welcome. Really good to see you here!

  2. New Mom

    nice one ji. Looking for more columns.

  3. indrani

    Welcome Daisy. great to hear your voice. Incidentally my husband and I had gone for a road trip to SOuth California and I had loved the city Santa Barbara. Just that I too felt we need to hit a jackpot in Las Vegas to afford a villa there and be a lady of leisure attending coffee mornings with rich wives. But that’s truly one of the places I would love to retire.

  4. Ketaki

    Thats such a nice post “Daisy”… Would love to hear more from you 🙂

  5. Rajvi

    Welcome Ms. Daisy. Looking forward to more of your chatter

  6. Daisy

    Thank you ladies for the warm welcome……beware….I might stick arounf forever 🙂

  7. Neelam

    Welcome to the site, Daisy! Enjoyed reading your post.

  8. jyoti

    that was so nice how do you get to write so much and make it interesting to read it to need to presue your career in writing i’m sure it will be hit…will keep reading and you keep writing..bye

  9. Daisy

    Thanks ladies…you do make my day

  10. Hey ...Ms Daisy

    Autograph Please …Ms Daisy 🙂

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