Career Transplants – Getting an engineering job in the US

This is the third in our series of articles on ‘Career Transplants’.

If you have an engineering degree from India, you are in for luck. Most college degrees in engineering from India are well recognized and respected in the US. If you are applying for an H1 B, your lawyer will probably advise you on equivalency certifications (certifications by a neutral third party that says that your degree is equal to a similar US degree). Your jobs can range from your field of specialization to those in the IT industry with suitable training,

Studying for your Masters is not a necessity for an engineering job. However, if it’s your passion, go for it as it opens up many avenues and higher paying jobs.

What will help with the job search is membership of professional organizations such as ASHRAE (American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and so forth. Association membership and your work with them are respected in jobs. While you are looking, they also provide good knowledge and networking forums. Most have local chapters you can become a part of. At the very least these will show you the type of jobs available in your town for people of your background and the kind of companies that offer them.

It is also useful to get certifications from credible agencies such as Microsoft Certified Engineers, if you are looking in that field, or PMP certification if you are looking for a job as a project manager. Look at popular job sites to see the kind of certifications asked for by the companies you are targeting.

Stay tuned for a bit more on experiences of people who have made the transition.

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