Career Transplants

When you move from a foreign country to the US, most often than not, you need to update your qualifications and skills to start working here. In this series, we tried to put together a list of resources than people of various professions making the transition may find useful. We are not experts, so if you have gone through the transition and have advice to offer, please pitch in! Also please register to write in about how you made the change. We would like this to become as useful as possible.

General Points:

·         Most US professional categories have an association, many at the local levels. Contact these associations by phone or email or search their websites for information

·         There may be many accreditations, only some are valuable. Check job sites to see what employers are asking for. Or call potential employers and ask what they look for.

·         Ask your lawyer. Immigration lawyers have processed visas of all kinds and may have information on what you need to do from an accreditation standpoint.

To start with some of these articles are about moving from India or a foreign country to US as that has been some of our experiences. But we are interested in the reverse too – like moving back to India, or moving to Europe etc.

Read on becoming a registered dietician and nutritionist in the US here.

On becoming a teacher here.

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