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Hey Gals,

Hope you had a great weekend!! My weekend was uneventful. I tried seeing the movie “Inception” but was turned away at the box office. No, not cause I’m underage (I wish) but cause I had no cash. In a society where credit is king, I was surprised at their insistence on cash. But fear not….King Credit is still alive and thriving and kicking (in the wrong places). It seems that their credit card machine was down and could only take cash. Phewww….for a while I thought the world was changing on me 🙂

I remember the time when I was a newbie to this country and insisted on dealing ONLY in cash and believed that credit was The devil ( a concept drilled in me by my family and society in general in India ) I would think thrice before buying anything of want (not need… need could include cosmetics and perfume for many :-)) only cause my mind was busy converting the mighty dollar into rupees. The clerk at the counter would have to snatch the money from my hand ( much like in a comedy movie) because of my reluctance to part with it.

The cash took a back seat to credit card when while doing touristy stuff in NYC, I accidentally left my handbag at a restaurant and returned later to retrieve it only to find all my precious cash missing. OH NO….that was a catastrophe! If only I had bought those expensive shoes in the bustling NYC shop, at least I would be in possession of a lovely pair of boots rather than a hundred some dollars down. Soon after I started to be drawn to Credit cards. At least they were not nearly as unfaithful as cash, buying a complete stranger a new pair of boots rather than its original owner…ME.

I have rarely come across anyone now who deals exclusively in cash. Good for me…..cause as foolish as it might sound…..I can buy something expensive on credit but have a problem paying for it in cash. Maybe that is a problem…maybe that is why we as a society are in the mess that we are in. Maybe cash is King after all and we just don’t know its worth. Maybe what we are teaching or passing on to our children is not really correct. Who is to say? But one word of caution… or credit,do keep your handbag really close when traveling in NYC 🙂

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  1. Khushi

    Hey Daisy, I am a credit person myself. Gave up carrying coins and change. This was a really good post, maybe the best yet!

  2. I do agree with not carrying cash, I hardly ever do, but I HATE charging up credit cards, as I find it very hard to finally pay them back. I ALWAYS use my bank debit card, and there you have it. Cash, in an electronic form, it’s the best. 🙂

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