Cats at work

working mom catSo my office is pretty casual. Shorts, T-shirts, even a flip flop or two. Track pants. I love that. So even though I am in office, I can still wear casual clothes and have not yet had to really update my wardrobe. But of course, I have had to make several other changes.

Most notably, abandon my ‘Mommy’ voice. Years of talking to kids has given me a tone and¬†vocabulary that is highly effective with one to five year olds. Maybe even a baby or two. But is utterly inappropriate for adults. Especially at work. Unfortunately though, office situations can often get as messy as the ones at home, and I find myself resorting to a particular style of ‘No’.

Anyway, so everyday, spurred by an article in Time magazine which swore that a call from mom produces the same level of endorphins in a child as a hug, I have been calling home each day to talk to the boys. The baby decided today that he has had enough of his moms question and asked me ‘Mommy Meeeow’ (he is in a cat loving mood lately).

So, out of reflex, I meeowed. Then he said ‘More’, and I did it again.¬†About 5 minutes and 20 Meeows later I realized that I am in a cubicle surrounded by office goers. Cube walls are regrettably thin, and everyones work would have been punctuated by cat sounds.

I was embarrassed but then I thought, so what, I am a mom – theres nothing wrong with giving more endorphins to my baby. But will I do it again? Maybe in a week…not just yet.

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  1. New Mom

    Funny! I lose myself too when with kids.

  2. indrani

    Cute loving post. Enjoy our meowing with your baby. It gets over a little too soon!

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