Celebrating a tumultous, enchanting year

My little one is going to turn one.

I sat down to write about him and his sweet little ways and me and my travels and travails, but all I want to write about is you.

This last year my dad had a heart attack and recovered. I had a baby and spent the first few months without any help getting used to being mom of two.  The economy tanked, my TV stopped working and so did my dear laptops.  I went through some level of depression and a lot of new mom nervousness and frustration.

But guess what, you were my lifeline.

And yes, I am talking about you,  my Bloggermoms friends – co author and commenter, friend and anonymous – and the vague thousands who come to the site, leave without comment, but yet leave behind for me the warmth of a community.

I got back from the hospital, and when I logged on, I saw a thriving site.  Not one emaciated from my lack of writing but with great articles.

And when I wrote about the birth and my first few days, I was touched and encouraged by your response.

There was Tana, who was always there, highs and lows. Touching my life through her many posts spanning humor and wisdom and emotion, and spiritualism. It was a connection I value, and in one I find depth.

There was Indrani – what a friend to have this first year, to share my moments, and child rearing ideas, and experiences with. To take comfort from and laugh with.  The many seemingly big burdens of the first year brightened by her always friendly, humorous, empathetic voice and ear.

And Malini. What do I say about you, my friend. Those bright, colorful recipes around Christmas and New Year, and the heartfelt posts that always connected with everyone. I feel so proud of your talents, and the effort you put in to make things good.  All that cheer you brought me, I value it.

Sarmila – whom I never knew – before Bloggermoms. But whose insightful posts, and disarming, charming, welcoming demeanor has made me feel completely comfortable in asking the silliest of questions.  Frankly, I have never met anyone quite so helpful. But then, I have never met you, either, Sarmila. So that bright part of this first year is a gift from this website.

Roma – whom I met again through Bloggermoms.  Whom I admire for conquering a new medium with pizzazz and gusto, and for generally being a sane voice to turn to, and learn quick tips, and recipes, and home remedies from but mostly, for because it was so nice to talk and share with you.

Yasmin. I miss you here. Your informative posts and cool, creative advice always came at the right times. I admire you for the way you handle twins as I learn to deal with two myself.

Sophie. Hang in there, my friend. I hope Bloggermoms can do for you what you did for me this first year – be there as a friend, somewhere to vent and share ups and downs, and somewhere you can draw comfort from the known and the ‘unknown’ mass of readers.

Pry. I don’t know how you come up with post ideas that are so simple yet good. Thanks for picking the slack those many times I slacked and for being there. Without you there would be no Bloggermoms.

Mahi.  What you brought to Bloggermoms and my first year is unique, valuable and above all so much fun. Thank you.

Nikki, I am just getting to know you but I am enjoying hearing your perspectives. And I am looking forward to a new friendship.

Ketaki, you are on hiatus, but your posts struck a chord with me and I appreciate them.  Amrita, Dora, Priety, UB and all the others – it was great seeing you here this tumultuous year and you did really help me along and brighten my day.

And all of you who visit the site, thank you.


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  1. Tana

    Congratulations on completing this year of joys and hardships, and thank YOU for facilitating such a wonderful community into existence! Much love and looking forward to many more years of community building, Tana.

  2. ranu

    What a wonderful community you produced through this site! I am so happy for you that this big ‘family’ stood behind you in your difficult day and helped you to find happiness. Love to the little one for his b’day.

  3. nikki

    Thank you, Khushi! You have a good thing going on here. It has given me and a lot others a platform and audience for sharing our experiences with like-minded folks.
    Congratulations to you on a successful year not just at Bloggermoms but also at the family front.
    It gets easier….

  4. Indrani

    Dear Khushi,
    Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness… as always. I have grown so much through the wonderful community of Bloggermoms which YOU have created. Long live this Community. God Bless all of us.

  5. Dear Khushi, Thank you so much for the lovely words….the whole idea of spending a little bit of our “me” times has been a tremendous boon for me….here’s to all bloggermoms…..great going gals….may we cross every constraints of our lives and may all our thoughts and expressions reach out globally.

  6. sarmila

    thank you for your sweet comments

  7. Ketaki

    Dear Khushi, you are like that friend to whom i have never met but always felt so close to share my feelings. Believe me i have quite a few of such friends that I made through contacts and that became like friendship at first email 🙂 I will pass on one strong message that i heard recently: “You are talented, do not let yourself to lead ordindary life”!

  8. Khushi

    You cant believe how timely this is and how much it means to me. Thank you so much. I love reading your writing as you capture many nuances that bring the experiences to life.

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