Celebrating Diwali in Schools and Preschools

Is your school or preschool celebrating diwali? Or maybe you want to take a touch of celebration to your child’s school. Here are some ideas:

Diwali Activities for preschools and schools

  • Diya Decoration: Bring in plain and unpainted teracotta diyas from the Indian store. Buy supplies such as rhinestones, studs, squeezable paints, red and gold ribbons, clay paints (also known as ‘patio paints’ available in the crafts store in the clay pots decoration section). Supply glue and brushes and let the kids have at it . Finish off each diya with a tea light
  • Henna Tattoos: Take in a bunch of henna tattoo’s as a gift for your childs class or classmates. Available in Indian stores but also at craft stores like Michaels.
  • Rangoli: Take in rangoli items like colored powder or rice soaked in food coloring. Let the kids decorate. You can even provide a stencil and put glue on the stencil and let the kids drop the rice to fill it up. You can get creative with foam puffs.
  • Jazzy Photo frames: Cut frames out of cardboard and take studs or red/yellow ribbons to decorate the frames to look more Indian.
  • A Diwali Lunch: Bring in some Diwali treats along with a lecture on Diwali. Wikipedia has a great section on Diwali which mentions how many countries celebrate it and why its actually a multi-religious festival.
  • Diwali Cards: Give diwali cards with a non religious theme such as diyas to all the kids.
  • Diwali chart: Make a diwali collage for the class

Celebrating just with your kid in school:

  • How about a kid created teacher gift now, instead of the holidays? You can use any of the ideas from above with your child to create something at home
  • Bring in sweet treats for the class. You can get some good multicultural snack ideas here. (read the comments too)
  • Dress them up in Indian clothes and you wear some too, for pickup and drop off.
  • Invite your kids friends over for a diwali party!

What do you think? What does your school do? Please share your ideas!

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  1. sarmila

    nice ideas, as my sons are grown up, but still i can suggest my friends whose kids are in the preschool or some of my friends are teachers in pre school, they can always do something special in Diwali

  2. Khushi

    Thank you for your comment and for referring others!

  3. This is an interesting article, and an interesting perspective on Diwali. It’s good to see other people taking an active role in making their kids, and their teachers, more culturally aware. Thanks for the great article!

  4. I can’t stand reading time-consuming articles, simply as i
    have got a small amount of dislexia, but i really enjoyed this one

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