Celebrating Holi

Hello everyone. March 8, 2012 is Holi. In US time, I think it falls on March 7th. And what better time to celebrate such a colorful, vibrant festival than the end of a long winter, and in the middle of a quite gloomy economy? Holi is celebrated all over the US, of course, by the Indian community. But why not take some of this color into your other, multicultural life?

To help you celebrate with multicultural flair, Bloggermoms has put together a whole list of Holi articles. Happy Holi everyone! Please see the list of articles below:

Holi Celebrations at work

Holi Celebrations in School

Preschool Activities for Holi

Holi Party

Holi Precautions and a little bit of history

Holi Recipes: Pantua Recipe or Gulabjamun Recipe and Balushahi Recipe

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  1. Khushi

    I love holi colors, and hope to do more next weeekend!

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