Celebrating Motherhood

A Very Happy Mother’s day to all of you. I know this post come late, but something that my son has taught me is every day is special, being a mother and having a mother. It is the joy of being a part of all the simple yet very meaningful moments in life. My son is way too young to understand the significance of Mother’s Day and frankly, it is not a big event yet in India. He wished me though, after Daddy tutored him. For me Mother’s day was when he was learnt the word love at his play school. While most of his other friends said “We love chocolates, ice cream etc” my son rather sheepishly, I was told later, said, “I love my Mamma.” Or when he insists that, his Mamma will sing his rhymes along with him. Or his desire to dance with me every time the music is one of his favourite numbers.


For Mother’s Day, my husband decided to take us out for a dinner. While getting into the car, all of a sudden he said “Mama, will you sit next to me in the rear seat?” He does that often and whenever possible I accede to his request. While we were driving to the restaurant, all of a sudden, he said, “Mama, you are so pretty!” I was choked with emotion and I could barely manage to say, “Thank You”

Little does my angel know how much I shall treasure his sincere loving statement, the memories of which will carry me through many trying moments.

This was the best gift I could have got.

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  1. sarmila

    your son is so sweet,Happy mother’s day to a proud mom!!

  2. Khushi

    That is so sweet, Indrani. I choked up just hearing that. I loved it that he said you were pretty 🙂

  3. Indrani

    Thanks Sarmila and Khushi for your comments.

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