Celebrating Multiculturalism in Preschool

Next week is family-week at the boys’ preschool. Each child has been asked to make a poster (with the parent’s help) describing his/her cultural background. So the boys and I were busy making our poster, the last couple of days. We divided the poster into different sections and labeled them as – Food, Relatives, Festivals, Culture and so on. We had fun talking about our culture- where we came from, looking at the map of India, printing out pictures of different festivals celebrated in India from the Internet and going through our family albums and pasting pictures of our relatives on the poster. I am glad that the school/teacher is taking an initiative in teaching children to appreciate their culture and learn about others’ culture in the process.

The parents are supposed to send a famliy/cultural food to share. And I haven’t been able to decide on what Indian snack to send next week, which may appeal to 3yr olds! I was thinking about some finger foods- like mini samosas, vegetable pakoras, or burfi. Any suggestions would be welcome.



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  1. Khushi

    Hey Yasmin, that sounds like a nice activity and I am glad the teacher is taking initiative. Burfi I have tried with some of the babe’s friends and its a great hit. You may also try non spicy Haldiram ‘crackers’ or bhujiya type of things.

  2. Khushi

    Thanks,Khushi, wonderful tip… will hit the Indian store on the weekend to stock up on the Haldiram namkeen, and some mithai.

  3. Yasmin

    Oops..that was me. forgot to change the name. So, thanks again Khushi.

  4. Anonymous

    That is why I write as anonymous as I dont want to keep changing names! Make it easy for everyone. Look at this post on the site -http://bloggermoms.com//?p=434

    specially the comments. I would suggest crispy Alu parantha and or plain parantha cut into triangles and squares

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks, I did check out the post you had mentioned..now I have a lot of ideas for Indian snacks. The parathas cut in diff. shapes sound good too.

  6. Dora

    I must say I think Samosa is good, but kids may be a bit scptical of a totally new food. So maybe the crackers or dessert will be better. What a fun project!

  7. Yasmin

    Yes, thanks Dora. I was also thinking of something like a dessert and one snack, which kids may find ‘attractive’ to eat.

  8. Sudha

    Hey Yasmin, is the event over? How did it go? The poster sounds a great idea, specially dividing it into sections

  9. Sudha

    Yes, the boys had fun learning, and eating different foods the whole week. It ended this friday…I made some home-made burfi, (which turned out pretty good)and chicken parathas cut into different shapes.

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