Cherries for Dhoni

This incident happened some time back, actually last summer, but somehow never posted this on Bloggermoms. 

Born and brought up in a cricket frenzy nation, it is not surprising that we as a family are cricket enthusiasts. Off late my son has also started cheering for India whenever he is watching a match his Dad.  

Last summer, on the day of the final match of Indian Premier League, we had some friends over, to watch the game together. After a pizza dinner, I got some cherries for everyone in a bowl. Now my son, as I have mentioned in some previous posts is a fussy eater. Therefore, whenever I get any food, which I really want him to eat; I show a lot of excitement.  Just when I entered the family room with the bowl of cherries, M.S. Dhoni, who was playing on behalf of Chennai Kings against Rajasthan Royal, scored few runs, much needed at that point in the match. Excited as we were, all of us, shouted ‘Dhoni! Dhoni!’ My son mistook it for cherries, thinking the excitement was to see lovely red cherries in a bowl. Since then, he calls cherries Dhoni. I have tried to tell him that Dhoni is the captain of the Indian Cricket team, and what he calls Dhoni is a fruit, cherries, in common parlance. However, the other day he innocently said “Mom I know these are cherries but I like calling them Dhoni still.”  

I wish it had ended there but now he is renaming all the berry fruits. Blue berries for some time were blue cherries and now ‘blue Dhoni’, raspberries are ‘small red Dhoni’, and coconut berries (Narkel kul) are ‘green Dhoni’. Only strawberries have been spared for the renaming. I as a mother have never encouraged ‘baby talk’ as in calling something by some other name. Just hope soon he starts calling out the fruits by their ‘real names’.

I am confident Mahi will not like to hear cherries named for him. My apologies to you, M.S.Dhoni.

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  1. Khushi

    How funny, Indrani! I must remember to wash some dhonis for the babe today 🙂

  2. Asha

    My daughter used to call going to potty ‘I am going Elmo’ because of the design 🙂

  3. Yasmin

    That’s so cute! Kids have such a wonderful imagination. Love how they are able think ‘outside the box’.

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