Chicken recipe for toddlers!


  1. Chicken diced into small cubes preferably three or four small pieces.
  2. Vegetables. You can use all sorts of  vegetables. In my recipe I am using two whole beans cut into small pieces, half of a carrot sliced into small pieces, papaya, one potato cut into small pieces, one tomato, etc.
  3. Spices: turmeric powder one teaspoon, salt and sugar to taste, half of a small onion diced, one small garlic clove, one or two drops of ginger, one bay leaf.
  4. White oil or butter.

Process: Take a bowl and mix the chicken and vegetables with salt and turmeric powder. Heat oil (preferably one teaspoon) or butter in pressure cooker. When the oil is hot add bay leaf and onions and garlic and saute. When the onions become soft and tender add the vegetables and the chicken to it. Mix it well . Add sugar and ginger drops. Add a little water and allow it to simmer. After two minutes add some more water like one cup or so and close the lid. Cook for five to seven minutes. Serve with rice.


  1. Khushi

    Hi Taniya, thats a very simple and good recipe. I like the introduction of mild spices. Thank you – we were on an editorial holiday (summer break 🙂 ) and are back now. Really glad to see your writing.

  2. Great sinple recipe. Thank you.

  3. Indrani

    Sounds like a quick recipe and a balanced meal with meat, vegetables and carbs all in it. Thanks for sharing

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