Child Care options for working moms

When I was an infant, my mom used to work as a teacher in the senior school (as a matter of fact, she still does!)…so she used to bundle me up everyday and drop me at her mom’s place…she’d then pick me up in the afternoon on her way back from work. Life was not too complicated…my grandmom lived a couple of miles off our house and my mom’s job as a teacher was kind of part-time (six hours per day)…and there was this great lady shanti who’d come to our home in the evenings to help my mom with dishwashing, cleaning, cooking etc.

Not to forget, there would be no interesting stuff for my mom to watch on TV in the evenings (there was only one channel and the star show every evening was the monologue called “farmer’s world” – krishi darshan)…so life was pretty much low-stress and evenly paced for my working-mom.

Years later, we (hubby, son and I) moved to US and…I suddenly grew up! First time in my life, I was with a little one to care for and no extended family, friends to support me. “Do I stop working or do I look for child care options for my 20 months old son?” – at that point in time, it seemed like one of those existential questions…infact, my first “real” dilemma…
Well, I realized that I loved spending time with my son but couldn’t survive with plain toddler-talk the whole day. Let’s admit it, no matter how you look at it, changing diapers is not the most intellectually stimulating activity in the world…so I slowly came to terms with the fact that for everyone’s satisfaction and happiness, I needed to work.

And that’s when began our search for the “best Child Care Option”….well, I looked and I looked and I looked…won’t bore you with the details but settled on one that I have been very happy with so far (touch wood!)… this is a day-care company called
Bright Horizon Family Solutions.

They are mighty expensive but worth the money spent…their teacher-student ratio for infants and toddlers is exceptionally good and they take special care to feed your child just what you pack in lunch every day…my son is now in their pre-school section and the teachers there are really good..they are patient and teach kids through fun activities..I am pleasantly surprised how my son is picking up alphabets, counting, science, and maths all through fun activities they do at school each day.

Over time, my colleagues at work have suggested many more options that also seem worth looking into…some of these are home-run day-cares as well as hiring full-time nannies… I would love to hear other’s experiences….how did you go about looking for a nanny? what criteria did you use to shortlist a daycare center?

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  1. lydia

    Maya, I went though the same situation.. I may have looked around 20 or so daycares.. Finally, I decided on creme de la creme.Its expensive but its worth it..Its clean, teachers are friendly..My baby girl loves it.

    Personally ,I dont like nannies ..I have heard good things about them and also horror stories like ..not feeding, shaking the kids ..stuff like that…
    I would go with a daycare as its run by a company.

  2. Mommy in America

    I chose ‘Creme de la Creme’ too. The website is It is very clean and bright, I wanted my son to have lot of fresh sunlight and air. The teacher student ratio is small and they seem to have good security. Plus, the teachers give you a good account of what your child did at the end of the day.

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