Childhood memories

childhood memoriesHas it ever happened that a small white flower can bring back memories of childhood?
Well it surely happened with me today and that led me fondly to my childhood memories. I took my son for cycling on the track close to my house. And there they were, frangipanis, hanging from the tree in a bunch –fragrant, gracious and distinctive.
I don’t quite recall when I grew fond of this flower. But surely, the park near my parents’ home has something to do with it. My Grandfather took my sisters and I for a walk everyday during the summer holidays and these plants were lined along the walking tracks. The aroma, colour and the elegance of the flower gives a very sensational tropical feeling and the deep green leaves of the plant, add to the freshness. We carried a basket to collect these flowers for my grandmother’s puja. On days, when we had enough and some left after my Grandma’s puja, my sisters and I will make garlands. Simple summer holiday activity but in a way formed the bonding with my siblings of doing things together.
Much later, I requested my father to plant a frangipani tree in our small garden. And while the sweet fragrant flower looks delicate, the plant itself is very strong. My tree was able to withstand the extreme weather conditions the sweltering hot summers and the harsh cold winters in Delhi with very little maintenance.

Let’s share our simple childhood memories of everyday routine with each other and with our children during the summer holidays.

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