Chilli Nutrela

This is one of my experimental recipe,it turns out really tasty, very easy to make.


nutrela- 1 lb
onion- 2 chopped
capsicum- 1 cut into pieces
garlic- 4 pieces chopped
greenchilli-10 – 15  finely chopped
vinegar-2-3 tbsp (depends upon one’s taste)
cornflower- 2 tbsp
egg- 2
chilli sauce-3 tbsp
tomato sauce-4 tbsp
soy sauce-3 tsp
mix these 3 sauce and vinegar in a bowl
soak the nutrela in hot water for 25 minutes
squeeze and put nutrelas in a bowl
marinade them with eggs, cornflower, some of the chopped green chilli,salt keep it for some time
put oil in a wok
fry the marinated nutrelas like pakoras or meatballs
then take out from the wok and keep it separately
again put some oil in the wok( 3 to 4 tbsp)
put the garlic
after garlic gets soft put the onions
fry properly
then add the capsicum
after the capsicum is cooked mix the 3 sauce and the vinegar.
cook for some time
put salt as needed
add little water
boil for 2-3 minutes
add the fried nutrela
cook for some time
let the gravy gets thickened
lastly add the remaining green chilli for the elegant flavor
(if someone prefers less hot, they will not add the chillies)
take out from the wok and serve in a beautiful platter
It will look gorgeous fot the colour!!
This dish goes with fried rice, biriyani, chapatti, paratha
Serve Hot.

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  1. Sarmila

    thank you for your recipe.. it seems to be very yummy!! i will try this..let you know how it came.. thanks once again

  2. Khushi

    Seems very healthy and tasty. I have a packet of nutri nuggets leftover from my pregnancy – I used to eat it regularly then. I will try it.

  3. soya chunks

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I will surely try this. It looks healthy and delicious. This will be healthy for everyone and kids will love it. Nutrela is very rich in protein. It works well as a meat substitute and also can be added in vegetable dishes

  4. Sakshi

    Is it necessarily to add egg along

  5. vivek kumar

    It’s very tasty & healthy food..

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